Cattle Shed in Fessenden, ND

Cattle Shed1

Though the name indicates what this building is usually used for, it is not the only use for a cattle shed. For the great people in Fessenden, ND, you can call Frueh Construction for your construction needs. We build everything you need with premium materials and up to code. Call us today (701) 693-5765 for your estimate on cattle shed.

The Uses

The uses for a cattle shed are limited only to your imagination. Cattle shed can house materials for your business. Or it can protect animals during the cold winters we have. It really depends on what you need it for. These differences will also change the look and size of your cattle shed. However, no matter what you need it for, know that it will be built to code and with the right materials. Thus, ensuring it will withstand the demands of mother nature. The size will depend on how many rooms you need and what you will be housing as there are things that are taller or wider than other things. It can be made with a variety of materials depending on the look and feel you are going for.

The Construction

Cattle Shed

The construction of a cattle shed could be easy. However, it does require the plans to be very clear and specific. This will require you and us to sit together to draw up the plans. Once we have covered the planning, the next step is to have the local zoner come out and do an inspection. This is vital to have done otherwise they could easily send you a ticket and require the building to be demolished. After the plan is passed, we can then break ground and begin the process of erecting your new building. Once we have the ground prepared, we can then pour the foundation. This will have to begin setting up before we can add the skeleton of the building. At this point it will be difficult to really see how it will look in the end but trust the process. After this our next step is to build the roof, this will keep things dry inside. We then have plumbing and electrical ran for the building. At the same time outer walls will be closed from the elements ensuring nothing can be blown into the construction. Once this is done it is time to add insulation and close the walls. After that it is the details which include painting, flooring, and other finishing touches.

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If you are in Fessenden, ND and are looking for a new building. Look at a cattle shed, you would be surprised at what it can do for you. Call Frueh Construction today by dialing (701) 693-5765.