Cattle Shed – Grand Forks, ND

Frueh Construction is the number one full-service contractor of choice when it comes to cattle sheds in North Dakota. At Frueh Construction, we understand that the health and well-being of your livestock is of the utmost importance to the success of your operation.

That is why we design and build cattle sheds that are the perfect combination of strength, shelter, ventilation, and storage. The professionals at Frueh Construction have built many beautiful, functional cattle sheds – both steel construction and pole barns. Call us today at (701) 693-5765 to discuss your needs with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members and they would be more than happy to attend to all your queries.

Steel Cattle Sheds

One of the cattle shed options we offer at Frueh Construction is prefabricated steel buildings. Each steel building we construct comes with engineer plans that can be 100 percent custom-designed, meaning you can adjust the building to fit your needs exactly.

Steel buildings are an excellent option for housing livestock for many reasons:

1) It holds up well.

As anyone who works with livestock will tell you, equipment has to stand up well to wear and tear on a farm. Steel that is coated resists rust, rot, mildew, fire, and pests. It is also notoriously effective at withstanding abuse from anxious, irritable animals.

2) It’s easy to insulate.

If you’re worried that a steel building will be cold, don’t. Steel buildings can easily be insulated to keep the inside warm. You can keep your animals comfortable, while also saving money with a steel building.

3) They’re affordable.

Frueh Construction’s steel buildings are prefabricated, which greatly reduces labor and material costs. In addition, they need minimal maintenance other than a regular hosing down. Finally, insurance rates are usually lower on a steel building compared to other traditional buildings.

Post Frame Cattle Sheds

Another popular option for cattle sheds here in Grand Forks, ND, is post frame construction, or pole barns. Frueh Construction’s pole barns are an efficient, aesthetically pleasing option for your cattle shed:

1) Our pole barns are energy efficient.

The large wall cavities that exist in pole barn construction create an excellent opportunity for insulation, keeping your pole barn cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. In addition, our pole barns include an attic, which can aid in ventilation and air circulation.

2) Pole barns can be built anywhere.

Pole barns are built by sinking posts directly into the ground – no foundation needed (other than concrete poured around the base of each post). That means you can save 10-15% on the cost of excavation and foundation pouring.

3) Pole barns give you lots of space.

Pole barns use large trusses to allow construction without interior, load-bearing walls. This means you get huge, open spaces without an interruption, ideal for livestock.

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