Post Frame Building, West Fargo, ND

Frueh Construction is proud to offer post-frame, or pole barn, construction among many of its top-class services. If you are located in West Fargo, North Dakota, and are looking for long lasting, low maintenance, cost effective building structure, consider a post frame building.

We serve all of North Dakota along with areas of Minnesota, Montana, and South Dakota, and have many years of experience designing, constructing, and installing top-grade residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings. Call 701-693-5765 today for more information or read on to learn more about post frame buildings!

Maximum Efficiency

There are many inherent benefits to choosing a post-frame construction building over many other types of buildings:

  • A post frame building maybe constructed on any piece of land, as long as it is level – no foundation needed.
  • Post frame buildings generally require less materials to construct due to their simple shape and clearspan interior.
  • Post frame buildings provide ample space for high-value insulation.
  • Post frame buildings can support a range of roof pitches, allowing flexibility in design.

Residential And Commercial Post Frame Facilities

While post frame buildings may have begun primarily as agricultural buildings, with today’s advancements in technology and design, they can be almost anything. We’ve seen them utilized for churches, storefronts, equipment storage, agricultural needs, and other commercial buildings.

Basically, a post frame building consists of pairs of vertical columns set into the ground and spanned by trusses. Purlins, girts and sheathing provide additional support. From there, the number of ways in which you can customize your post frame building are virtually endless:

  • Siding: Typically a post frame building includes steel siding, however we also offer other options such as wood, brick, that and stucco.
  • Roofing: While most people opt for metal roofing, a variety of other roofing materials may also be used. Additionally you can customize your roof by adding features such as cupolas, finials, overhangs, and more.
  • Spacing: The openings between your columns can be adjusted to accommodate doors and windows of many sizes.

Ultimate Value, Ultimate Protection

If you’re looking for structure that not only looks good but will last and protect what you value, all at an affordable price, Frueh Construction has you covered. Whether you call it a pole barn, a post frame building, a garage, a shed, a warehouse, or something else, we can build it.

Make an investment in your future and in your building’s future – hire Frueh Construction to build your post frame building. Call 701-693-5765 today. We guarantee you will be happy with the results because we pride ourselves in our quality.