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What is a Bifold Door?

Although you may find conventional single-leaf doors in most homes today, they are known to be inconvenient when making the most out of your space. A unique and attractive solution to this is Bifold Doors. If you’re looking to build a Bifold Door for your barn (or other agricultural structure) around Mandan, North Dakota, Frueh […]

Understanding Floor Heat Concrete

Floor heat concrete is always a good idea, whether it’s a residential, commercial, or agricultural building. However, it is crucial to get it installed correctly to prevent issues in the long run. If you have been thinking of getting this installed in Mandan, North Dakota, there’s no better place to call than Frueh Construction. To […]

How Does a Hydraulic Door work?

Whereas you may see the conventional single-leaf doors in homes today, various new, unique, and efficient doors are available today. Hydraulic doors offer a quiet and smooth operation with faster opening speeds and fewer moving parts. If you’re looking to install a hydraulic door on your property around Mandan, North Dakota, Frueh Construction is a […]

Post Frame Building – Towner, North Dakota

In Towner, North Dakota, you might have seen multiple post-frame buildings pop up. If you’ve been thinking of getting yourself one, you’re probably headed toward finding the perfect people to get them done. Luckily, at Frueh Construction, post-frame buildings are one of our many specialties. Call us today at 701-693-5765 to find out more. How […]

Cattle Shed – Devils Lake, ND

Whether you need a loafing shed, sun protection, winter shelter, or something else for your cattle, Frueh Construction has a shed that can exceed all your expectations. Our cattle sheds are pre-fabricated – but 100% customizable – heavy-duty steel structures that are built to last a lifetime. If you are looking for a cattle shed […]

Pole Barn – Valley City, ND

Frueh Construction has been delivering high-quality and fully engineered pole barns to customers in Valley City and throughout North Dakota for many years. As North Dakota’s premier pole barn designer and builder, Frueh Construction brings your vision to life with dedicated designers, endless options, expert construction, and professional customer care. Today, you’ll recognize our pole […]

Pole Barn – Towner, North Dakota

A pole barn is known for its long list of benefits. However, when it comes to caring for them, people might get a bit confused even though it is crucial. Luckily, Frueh Construction is here to help solve your worries. If you’re in Towner, North Dakota, leave it to us to ensure your pole barn […]

Steel Building Services By Frueh Construction

Steel structures are currently the international industry standard for construction, especially in the US. The entire field of steel building is extremely technical and complex, necessitating a specialist to do the task. In Mandan, North Dakota, Frueh Construction is pleased to provide steel building services and solutions. Over the years, we have built and maintained […]

How important are cattle sheds?

The size of the construction industry has been steadily expanding. Farms and agricultural estates have grown in number in the US due to the agriculture sector’s steady growth. Firms like Frueh Construction deal with issues in the agricultural industry: roofs, shelters, and cattle sheds. Frueh Construction was one of the earliest companies to provide services […]

Are you tired of looking for reliable concrete services?

For a time now, concrete has been a necessary component in the building sector. It is also crucial for the American construction sector to consistently provide high-quality concrete services. However, most businesses and employees do not adhere to regulated industry standards that guarantee the excellence and safety of concrete structures. You can rely on Frueh […]