Pole Barn – Fessenden, ND

Are you looking to add another building to your property? Have you considered a pole barn? It is a type of building that can be customized to the size and shape you want and need. If your property is in the Fessenden, ND area, then we at Frueh Construction can help you. Call us at (701) 693-5765.

Lay Out

The layout for a pole barn can be as simple or complex as you need it to be. Thus, allowing you to get the space and rooms you need. Pole barns are stable and have been used throughout history. Since it is fully customizable you get to allow your creative side to explore and draw up a building you can be proud of. Your property has buildings on it that are more than likely pole barn. We know the image that comes to mind when you hear pole barn is one of a building which houses animals. However, that is far from the only use for this building style. It can be used to house extra materials, equipment, a dance floor, whatever your heart desires. It can be used for animals though it is not strictly for them.

The Process

Building a building is a process that needs to be followed. First a blueprint has to be created and accepted by the planning and zoning committee. If changes need to be made this is the best time to do it. Once this happens, we can break ground and pour the foundation. This is when the real fun begins you get to see the framing go in. For many it is when reality sets in that they are finally on their way to having a new building. Once framing is done it is time for electricity and plumbing. Then there is the insulation, this will reduce your costs. Next are the internal walls and windows. Last are the final additions such as doors and trim.

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If you are looking to add a building in Fessenden, ND then look into adding a pole barn. This will give you the ability to get more use out of the property you have. We at Frueh Construction have been helping those in our community find solutions to issues they are facing. This includes buildings, concrete, roofing, and other construction facets. Contact us today by dialing (701) 693-5765 so we can break ground as soon as possible.

Commercial Roofing – Fessenden, ND

As long as there have been commercial buildings there has been commercial roofing. If you are looking for a company that has successfully combined old and new, the Frueh Construction is the company you are looking for in Fessenden, ND. Call us today on (701) 693-5765 and our customer service team will help you.

You and Your Building

You may own your building. However, it requires you manage all the care for it otherwise it will fall apart. Part of that care is for the roof. Without a proper roof your products, customers and employees will suffer, which will then turn into you losing more than just some business. You could lose the trust and respect of those around you. Not to mention the financial burden that you will gain from people getting hurt and you losing the building. Your building will only be in decent shape if you have the right crew managing it.

Quality Roofers

There is a chance that you will come across a roofing company or a roofer that seems to have prices that are lower than anywhere else. This is not a good sign, for you or your roof. These are the type of businesses that will fold quickly and will leave you to clean up the mess they have made of your building. We are not saying you need to spend top dollar to get your roof the appropriate help. However, we are saying that what you invest into your roof will come back to you. A roofer that is worth your time will be backed by a long-standing company. They will also have insurance and certifications that you can see when asked. Another thing to note is the materials that are used. If you are faced with cheap materials, then the repair or replacement will not last. A good roofer will have high-quality roofing materials both on hand and on standby. Their equipment should be in good condition and used correctly.

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If you are in Fessenden, ND and you own a commercial building, then you need a roofing company. Commercial roofing is one of the things we excel at, here at Frueh Construction. For the best roofing company around contact us now by dialing (701) 693-5765. We can get your roof to a point that it looks as good as it is structurally.

Floor Heat Concrete – Napoleon, ND

In Napoleon, North Dakota, our team at Frueh Construction is known for creative building solutions that promote comfort, efficiency, and longevity. Floor heat concrete is a game-changer for home and commercial buildings. In this article, we explore floor heat concrete’s advantages, cost-effectiveness, and upkeep. Reach out to us today at 701-693-5765 to get your customized estimate.

What is Floor-Heat Concrete?

Radiant floor heating, or floor heat concrete, is put under concrete floors. A network of pipes or electric heating elements installed in the concrete slab distributes warmth uniformly over the floor. This revolutionary heating technology removes the need for radiators or forced-air systems and heats interior areas more efficiently and comfortably.

The Advantages

Floor heat concrete has several advantages, making it appealing to homes and business owners.

Saving Costs: Floor heat concrete runs quietly and effectively, saving energy and money over forced-air systems. Radiant floor heating reduces heat loss and increases energy efficiency by directly heating the floor, producing a pleasant, welcoming ambiance while decreasing environmental effect.

Compatibility: Floor heat concrete eliminates the need for large radiators and ducts, making it compatible with many flooring materials and interior design styles. Radiant floor heating is comfortable and matches any style, whether it’s hardwood, tile, or polished concrete.

What Determines the Cost?

The cost of installing floor heat concrete depends on parameters including room size, heating system type, and existing infrastructure. Though more expensive than standard heating systems, radiant floor heating has long-term advantages. Additionally, Frueh Construction provides affordable pricing and customizable heating solutions to meet your budget and needs.

Process of Installation

To install floor heat concrete, Frueh Construction conducts a thorough examination of the area to identify the best heating system and architecture. Next, our skilled staff prepares the subfloor and installs the heating elements or pipes per design.

After installing the heating system, the concrete slab is poured and completed to be flawless. To maximize floor heat concrete system performance and lifespan, we focus on accuracy, attention to detail, and industry standards throughout installation.

How Often is Maintenance Needed?

Minimal maintenance is a major benefit of floor heat concrete. Radiant floor heating runs quietly and effectively without filter changes, unlike typical heating systems.

To keep the system running well, periodic inspections and maintenance are advised. We provide complete maintenance to fix any difficulties and extend the lifetime of your floor heat concrete system, ensuring peace of mind and comfort for years.

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In conclusion, floor heat concrete redefines interior heating by integrating comfort, efficiency, and architectural flexibility into a sustainable solution. Napoleon, North Dakota-based Frueh Construction is your trusted partner in using floor heat concrete to improve your house or business’s comfort and efficiency. Call us today on 701-693-5765 to speak with our team.

Hydraulic Door Benefits – Beulah, ND

Hydraulic Door

Doors are clearly not a new invention, but in the past few years there have been many technological advances. One example of this is the hydraulic door, which has become more popular for commercial buildings in recent years. They are easy to use, thanks to their convenient electric open and close system. Long gone are the days when you had to open those heavy doors yourself and risk injury. Are you ready for a hydraulic door in your building in Beulah, ND? Contact the experts at Frueh Construction today! Call us at (701) 693-5765, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Mechanics of a Hydraulic Door

A hydraulic door uses a system of hydraulic pulleys to open your door. This system has ball bearings that are inset into the metal frame, which allows the door to move up and down smoothly, without becoming bound by the hydraulic parts.

There are two sets of hydraulics, each on either side of the door. A hydraulic door is great for barns, large garages, or any building that stores equipment or large goods. They are programmed to be remote-controlled to make entering and exiting easier. These doors last for years, provided they are installed correctly and are well-maintained.

Best Time to Install

Hydraulic Door

You can install a hydraulic door whenever it is most convenient for you. A hydraulic door can be added to an existing building or as part of a new construction project.

However, you should hire a professional to install the hydraulic doors for you. Because it is a complex process, the door must be installed correctly. Otherwise, you may threaten the integrity of the building itself.

We will work with you to determine the most convenient time to install your hydraulic door, as well as what you want it to look like. If it is an existing building, then we will need to inspect it first to ensure the door has the appropriate support. We will not install a hydraulic door without first ensuring it is well-supported. If there is not enough support, we will need to add the necessary support system.

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If you would like to install a hydraulic door in your commercial building, contact us. Here at Frueh Construction, we strive to give you the door you want and need. If you are in or around Beulah, ND, call us today at (701) 693-5765 for more information on how a hydraulic door could help you!

Post frame building – Napoleon, ND

At Frueh Construction, we have several years of building and constructing in Napoleon, North Dakota. There are several types of buildings and structures, one of which is a post frame building. Post frame buildings showcase ingenuity, efficiency, and durability. In this article, we discuss post frame buildings, their benefits, and everything else you need to know about them! Call us today on 701-693-5765 to speak with our team.

What is a post-frame building?

A post frame building, sometimes called a pole barn or pole building, is built simply. Instead of foundations, post frame structures use durable wooden posts or columns fixed into the ground. The framing system’s horizontal beams, trusses, and purlins provide design flexibility.

Why post frame building?

Post frame buildings have several advantages, making them a good option for many applications. Here are a few advantages:

Efficient: The procedure of building a post frame building is faster and cheaper than previous ways, which prioritizes efficiency and affordability.

Strong: Post frame constructions are very strong and durable. Our timber posts and trusses can survive severe weather and large loads. Post frame structures provide durable shelter and protection for precious assets in agricultural, commercial, and residential settings.

Versatile: The open interior of post frame buildings allows for flexible space usage. The configurable design choices meet a variety of requirements and preferences for equipment storage, livestock housing, and workshops.

Time Frame

Post frame building construction times vary in size, complexity, and site circumstances. Post frame building construction is faster than conventional techniques, which is a benefit. Frueh Construction can construct a post frame building in weeks with efficient planning and execution, giving great results.

How is it built?

Consultation: We start post frame construction projects with a consultation to determine the client’s requirements, budget, and timetable. Our team collaborates with the customer to develop a personalized facility that fulfills their needs.

Framing: Framing using horizontal beams, trusses, and purlins begins after the foundation is laid. This frame supports the structure and lets you customize doors, windows, and insulation.

Finishing: Final exterior and interior finishes include siding, roofing, and client-requested features. To guarantee project success, we promote exceptional workmanship, attention to detail, and open communication during construction.

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In summary, post frame buildings provide increased durability and diversity in construction. Napoleon, North Dakota-based Frueh Construction is your post frame construction partner. We provide extraordinary outcomes that last with our experience, devotion to quality, and client satisfaction. All in all, we at Frueh Construction offer top-notch post frame building construction. So, call us today at 701-693-5765 to book your consultation today.

Exploring Hydraulic Door Technology

In Napoleon, North Dakota, are you trying to increase the usability and accessibility of your space? Allow Frueh Construction to use this chance to introduce you to the cutting edge of hydraulic door technology. Give us a call at 701-693-5765 to alter the way you interact with the surroundings.

Learn more

Enjoy easy access to your space with a door that opens with ease. It’s the wonder of hydraulic doors. Hydraulic doors are installed by Frueh Construction for seamless, effective opening. Hydraulic doors offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency for commercial, aviation, and agricultural buildings.

Why Do We Need Them?

These doors alter how you use your space, going beyond access points. The quick, precise movement of the hydraulic system makes opening and shutting doors simple. Barns and hangars can benefit from hydraulic doors because of their efficiency, accessibility, and longevity.

Procedure for Installation

Precision and experience are given top priority in Frueh Construction’s hydraulic door installation process. Everything about working with us is easy, from consultation to installation.

Site Assessment: We assess the environment, size, and use of your place.

Custom Design: A hydraulic door is created by our staff based on your requirements.

High-quality Installation: For maximum functionality, we carefully install the doors utilizing cutting-edge hydraulic systems.

Testing and Calibration: To guarantee optimal operation, your hydraulic door undergoes extensive testing and calibration.

Our Offerings

Variety of Uses: Our hydraulic door services are tailored to satisfy the requirements of commercial, aviation, and agricultural enterprises. Large agricultural storage facilities, airplane hangars requiring smooth operation, and commercial spaces requiring security and accessibility can all benefit from customized hydraulic doors from Frueh Construction.

Custom Designs: Our hydraulic doors are not one-size-fits-all since each project has its own set of issues and requirements. Frueh Construction enjoys collaborating closely with customers to develop custom designs that address their unique requirements. Our staff collaborates with you to ensure that every hydraulic door satisfies your needs and improves your area, regardless of size variances or special features.

Extended Life with Efficient Repairs and Upkeep: Beyond installation, we are committed to making sure our customers are happy. Frueh Construction offers dependable hydraulic door repair and maintenance to guarantee its longevity and functionality. Wear and tear is unavoidable, but our skilled experts can fix any problem swiftly to keep minor problems from turning into bigger ones. We’ll keep your hydraulic doors operating properly for many years to come.

Expert Consultation: Throughout the entire hydraulic door process, our experts will assist you. Frueh Construction’s professional assistance responds to your inquiries and offers insightful information. From the beginning to the end, our experts collaborate with you to make sure you are aware of, comfortable with, and happy with your hydraulic door solution.

In summary

At Frueh Construction, every door leads to new opportunities. Hydraulic doors may completely change your area. Call Frueh Construction at 701-693-5765 in Napoleon, North Dakota if you are in need of Hydraulic doors.

Concrete Services – Beulah, ND

Concrete Services1

There is no limit to what you can do with concrete! For many decades, concrete has been used for foundations and for sidewalks in its natural gray color. However, there are currently many colors, styles, and designs to choose from. Once you have decided you want to use concrete for your construction project, reach out to Frueh Construction, and we will help make your ideas a reality. If you are in Beulah, ND, call us today for expert concrete services at (701) 693-5765, and our team will start helping create your design.

Some History

Concrete was first used around the year 6500 BC, in very early structures that were found in what is today Syria and Jordan. The builders used concrete for the floors, housing structures, and even underground cisterns. These structures have clearly withstood the test of time. Even today, concrete is valued for its durability and weather-resistance.

The most common type of cement in use today is Portland cement, first created by Joseph Aspdin of England. Portland cement is the most common type used in construction projects, even to this day! It is easy to customize for each task, as you can make it wetter or drier, depending on your intended use.

Advantages of Concrete Services

Concrete Services

Concrete can be used in various different ways. First of all, concrete is commonly used for the foundation for any structure. It contributes to your building’s stability, and it does not deteriorate like some other materials.

Concrete can also be used to create kitchen countertops. Once the concrete has been installed, you do not need to worry about maintenance! If you need to set your hot pot on the counter, you can place it directly on the surface without the risk of damaging anything.

If your building happens to be in a flood zone, concrete walls can save you a lot of money in repairs. Concrete can also be designed to mimic the look and feel of wood without the risk of scratches and the need to refinish it.

Call Us Today

Frueh Construction is the best company to handle your concrete needs. Our customer service representatives will listen to your needs so we can provide the appropriate solutions. If your building is in Beulah, ND, call us today at (701) 693-5765! Our expert team will help make your dreams a reality.

Uncovering the Strengths of Concrete

Concrete is one of the strongest building materials. Concrete’s strength, durability, and versatility make it a global building material. Concrete shapes modern sidewalks and buildings. Due to its various benefits, Frueh Construction is known for employing concrete. Let’s discuss concrete’s merits, affordability, and popularity as a building material. Call 701-693-5765 to learn more about our Napoleon, North Dakota firm.

Uses Of Concrete

Many construction projects involve the usage of concrete. It is frequently used to build the framework and foundations of homes. Concrete is solid and long-lasting for driveways and basements. Concrete is needed for commercial development in order to build offices, retail spaces, and warehouses. It’s great for these applications because of its strong load capacity and resistance to the environment. Because of concrete’s durability, roads, bridges, and dams can withstand weather and time.

Advantages of Concrete

Concrete has several advantages beyond structural strength. Durability is a major benefit. Concrete resists fire, rats, and weather, making it a durable building material. Concrete’s thermal bulk lowers interior temperatures and saves energy, especially in arid North Dakota. Its adaptability allows it to be used with numerous finishes and textures to match diverse architectural types and design sensibilities. Since concrete is recyclable, it has a lesser environmental impact. Saves money because it requires less maintenance during a structure’s life.

Types of Concrete by Frueh

We construct commercial, residential, and agricultural buildings at Frueh Construction. Concrete building has benefits for all of these sectors. Silos and barns in agriculture can withstand the rigors of concrete. Because it is resistant to chemicals and moisture, it can be used to store agricultural items and house animals. Robust concrete allows for large spans devoid of support columns in commercial buildings, increasing the amount of space that can be used by businesses. Concrete foundations give homes longevity and solidity, particularly in regions with harsh weather conditions like North Dakota.

What Affects the Price of Concrete Buildings?

The cost of building with concrete depends on a number of factors, all of which are significant. In order to budget and predict costs, contractors and clients need to be aware of these factors. The following factors influence the cost of concrete construction:

Complexity: Project scope and complexity have a significant impact on costs. Larger projects have higher costs since they require more labor, supplies, and machinery.

Materials: Price is influenced by cement, aggregates, additives, and reinforcing expenses. Variations in raw material, transportation, and availability may have an effect on project costs.

Machinery & Equipment: Finishing tools, pumps, forms, and concrete mixers raise project costs. Fuel, depreciation, upkeep, and equipment rental are all included in the price.

Design Complexity: Cost is influenced by both architecture and design complexity. Expensive materials and skilled labor may be required for complex patterns, creative finishes, unique textures, and unique forms. Custom details, molds, and formwork drive up project prices.

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All things considered, concrete is versatile, strong, and sustainable when used in building. It is employed in the building of infrastructure, homes, and businesses. Concrete is used by Frueh Construction, a company based in Napoleon, North Dakota, to construct sturdy structures. With the global construction industry changing, concrete continues to be a reliable foundation for constructing. Call us at 701-693-5765 to find out more about our concrete services.

Commercial Roofing Facts

Commercial Roofing1

Some may think that all roofers can perform all types of roofing jobs. However, this is not always the case; there is a difference between residential and commercial roofing. Though they do share some characteristics, the scale and specific details usually differ. The experts at Frueh Construction know exactly what your commercial roof needs. If your property is in Beulah, ND, contact our team today at (701) 693-5765! We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

The Difference

One of the most obvious differences between residential and commercial roofing is the scale of the project. A residential building is typically smaller than a commercial building. Commercial buildings can include large structures such as warehouses, hangars, or factories.

Here at Frueh Construction, we have experience with many different types of commercial buildings!

The Similarities Between Commercial Roofing and Residential

Commercial Roofing

Both residential and commercial buildings are built using similar materials. In addition, they both need to be structurally sound and have proper ventilation. Both building types are required to adhere to certain rules and regulations.

Building regulations can change depending on where you are located. Frueh Construction can help you ensure you are properly following all the rules in your city!

You need a team that knows the rules and regulations in your specific area. Since we are a local company, we have a deep knowledge of the requirements in North Dakota.

Our Commercial Roofing Team

We have a team that is specifically trained for commercial roofing tasks. They perform various kinds of services, from repairs to replacements. Each of our technicians brings years of experience and an eye for detail. At Frueh Construction, we are honest, respectful, and hardworking!

Contact Us Today

If you need commercial roofing services, you want to hire the best company in your area. If you’re in Beulah, ND, Frueh Construction is the clear choice! We are dedicated to ensuring your commercial roof gets the attention it deserves. Our team of experts will walk you through every step of the process, from the initial consultation to the final result. We are always transparent with our customers! Contact us today at (701) 693-5765. Come see for yourself why so many property owners in North Dakota choose us.

Steel Building – Napoleon, ND

One of the most important steps in constructing a building is selecting the materials for your structure. Using a steel building is one of the many dependable choices. At Frueh Construction in Napoleon, North Dakota, we’ve only heard good things from previous customers who choose to construct with steel. Call 701-693-5765 to speak with our staff and discover the many advantages of a steel building.

A steel building: what is it?

Steel is the primary material used in steel constructions. Compared to wood or concrete, steel buildings are more resilient, sturdy, and flexible. Structural integrity provided by backbone steel is resistant to a variety of environmental factors.

What are the advantages?

Weather resistance: Steel buildings are resistant to wind, snow, and earthquakes. Durability lowers maintenance and repair costs while extending lifespan.

Design freedom: There is a great deal of architectural freedom available to builders and architects when using steel constructions. Steel can complement both modern and traditional architectural designs. We enjoy collaborating with clients to create distinctive steel constructions that go above and beyond practical and aesthetically pleasing requirements.

Energy Efficiency: Steel buildings have an innate ability to conserve energy. Steel buildings can easily be insulated, which lowers the energy needed for heating and cooling. In the long run, this saves building owners money and benefits the environment.

Fast: Steel buildings are renowned for their quick construction, which results in time and cost savings. The expertise of Frueh Construction in steel construction guarantees effective, superior projects.

What influences the price?

Although steel buildings are more expensive than conventional building materials, they are worth it in the long run due to their cost savings. The cost of building steel is influenced by numerous factors.

Size: A steel building project’s final cost is greatly influenced by its size and complexity. Greater complexity or size may result in higher labor and material costs.

Location: Site characteristics and geographic location may have an impact on building costs. The steel buildings made by Frueh Construction can withstand a variety of terrains, but in remote or challenging areas, additional resources may be needed, raising costs.

Add-ons: Exotic finishes, intricate architectural details, sophisticated security systems, and other customized features may raise the final cost. We work together with clients to comprehend their needs and offer tailored solutions.

Speak with our staff!

Overall, Frueh Construction builds the best steel buildings in Napoleon, North Dakota. Steel buildings are a good investment for long-lasting structures because of their energy efficiency, adaptability, speed, and durability. Given the increased demand for durable, eco-friendly construction materials, we are committed to providing great steel buildings.

For the best work on your upcoming steel construction job, give us a call at 701-693-5765!