Everything to Know About Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing focuses solely on protecting your commercial roof. Like any building, a commercial building comes with its share of roofing problems. These problems can vary from simple repairs to the need for a complete roof replacement. Having a commercial roofing company available will alleviate the stress of these unexpected issues. Make sure to have our number on hand so you can call us whenever you need our services. If your commercial building is in Garrison, ND, call Frueh Construction at (701) 693-5765 for your roofing needs.

Maintaining Your Roof

Your commercial roof needs maintenance. Our maintenance program includes preventative care as well as repairs. We include general repair work and two inspections a year in our maintenance program. We recommend performing these inspections if there has been severe weather. However, we perform an inspection any time we are called to a commercial building. These inspections are to ensure there are no issues caused by normal wear and tear or severe weather. Maintaining your roof in optimal condition will allow it to work properly for its expected lifespan.

What We Offer

We offer a variety of services for our customers to keep their roof in good condition. One such service is repairs. Repairs can be simple or complex, depending on what happened and if the issue is addressed in a timely manner.

Another service we provide is leak detection, as leaks can cause havoc on a commercial roof. If not detected quickly, a leak can cause severe damage to your roof, the insulation, and even the support structure.

Not only does a restoration restore your roof to its original condition, but it can also prolong its lifespan.

The last service we provide is commercial roof replacements. Once your roof reaches a certain point, it becomes more cost-effective to replace the entire roof. Though it is costly and time-consuming, a replacement will be necessary at some point.

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Let Frueh Construction manage the maintenance of your commercial roof, so you can get back to running your business. If your building is in Garrison, ND, allow the experts at Frueh Construction to tackle your commercial roofing needs. Call us today at (701) 693-5765, and learn more about how we can help you.

All Things Concrete

Though many years ago humans used stone and other materials for construction, concrete is now the preferred choice for many builders. Concrete has many applications for construction projects; Frueh Construction uses concrete in many different ways. If you are looking to use concrete for your property’s building project in Garrison, ND, call our team at (701) 693-5765.

Some History

Concrete has existed since 300 BC. The Romans used it to create the ancient structures that modern archaeologists continue to find. The Romans used concrete exclusively from 300 BC to 476 AD, though the concrete they used was made from different materials than today. However, the original idea came from them.

The concrete the Romans used was made of quicklime, pozzolana, and an aggregate of pumice. The concrete we use today is made from a mixture of Portland cement (10-15%) and water (15-20%) to make a paste. We then mix this paste with aggregates (65-75%), such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone. When the cement and water mix, they harden, combining the different materials to create a solid substance.

Concrete Today

When you speak of concrete, many people think of dull, gray sidewalks. However, concrete can have other colors and uses. It can also have patterns and be polished. Concrete can be used to create a one-of-a-kind fountain, a floor, an entire building, or even a pathway. This building material can be used any way you can think of. The only limit is your imagination!

Here at Frueh Construction, we will work with you to find out what you would like to use concrete for, how you want it to look, and where you plan to use it. Based on this information, we will create a construction plan. Once we have agreed on the plan, we will then begin the task of making your dream a reality.

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If you want to make your concrete dreams a reality, look no further than Frueh Construction in Garrison, ND, to make it happen. If you have questions about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to call us at (701) 693-5765. Our customer service representatives will be happy to answer your questions thoroughly. Let us help you create something long-lasting that later generations will be able to enjoy. Come see for yourself what we can do!

All About Hydraulic Doors

Doors have undergone significant technological advancement over the years. One example of this is the hydraulic door. A hydraulic door is a flexible door frame that is connected to a large door via a ball bearing system. This system allows the door to open and close effortlessly. There is a remote that comes with most of these systems to allow for remote access into your building. Here at Frueh Construction, we are experts in installing and maintaining hydraulic doors. If you are looking to add a hydraulic door to your building in Garrison, ND, call us at (701) 693-5765.

Different Uses

Even though a hydraulic door seems like a normal door, there are several different uses. Hydraulic doors are many times used as garage doors. This allows access into your garage without the need to get out of your vehicle.

Another use for hydraulic doors is for barns. A hydraulic door lets you access your farming equipment inside more easily, thereby saving you time.

Hydraulic doors are also used in airplane hangars, though these doors are much larger and more expensive than what we usually work with.

Installation Process

When we install your new hydraulic door, we will first perform an inspection. This inspection is to ensure there are proper supports in your building that can withstand the weight of the door, its frame, and the mechanics that it needs to work appropriately.

If your building lacks these things, we will add them to our estimate that we give you. Our estimate will cover everything from the timeline to the cost. Once you have decided to work with us, we will draft a contract for us to sign that details the work to be done. Once the paperwork is completed, we will then gather all the materials that are necessary to complete this project. If we need to add support, we will do this first. If not, we will start with the door frame and the mechanics. These must be installed correctly in order for the door to work properly. Next, we add the ball bearings, and then, the door. The last thing we do is program your remote control so you can open and close your door.

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When you are ready to add a hydraulic door to your building in Garrison, ND reach out to Frueh Construction. Our number is (701) 693-5765. We look forward to partnering with you!

Post Frame Building – Garrison, ND

As more property owners in Garrison, ND, choose post frame buildings, locals may be wondering why this building type is and why it has been gaining so much popularity. Smart residential and commercial property owners are always trying to optimize the use and value of their properties. If you are unsure whether a post frame structure is right for your property, keep reading! In addition, contact Frueh Construction for more information on post frame buildings at 701-693-5765.

Benefits of Post Frame Buildings

A post frame building is a wood-frame system that is made up of widely spaced support columns. This building method is most often used for buildings such as barns, sheds, and storage units. But what makes post frame building such an excellent option?

For one thing, a post frame building is a cost-effective option. For projects with limited budgets, you will be surprised at how much this building method can help you.

Post frame buildings are also quick and easy to construct, which makes them ideal for projects with aggressive timelines. Of course, the ease and speed of assembly is what makes this building method financially wise. Clearly, it is a great option for building owners!

However, this speed and ease does not mean you are foregoing the strength and durability that you need. You will still get exceptional strength and durability, and you will also retain much more flexibility than you would with other building types. The columns reach far underground, and the horizontal beams that connect them are designed to withstand a large amount of snow and wind.

Post frame buildings are energy-efficient, which is very important nowadays. This enhanced energy efficiency translates to lower heating and cooling costs, but it also makes your building project environmentally friendly! All of these factors show how beneficial a post frame building can be.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Frueh Construction has helped building owners in North Dakota receive the services and the results they deserve for decades. Whether you are already sure you want a post frame structure or you want to find out more about how it works, we are here to answer your questions. Look for the best contract possible when planning your residential or commercial building project. For those in Garrison, ND, call Frueh Construction at 701-693-5765. We look forward to partnering with you!

Pole Barn – Garrison, ND

Pole Barn1

Though pole barns have been around for centuries, the technology behind them has changed drastically. 100+ years ago, there wasn’t a reliable pressure treating process that could preserve wood embedded in the ground and keep it from rotting. To address the problem, stone piers were placed to prevent buildings from settling and the timber from rotting. However, they offered no resistance to frost heave issues or uplift situations. Now, we utilize concrete to stabilize buildings. Frueh Construction is ready to erect your pole barn with innovative technology in the Garrison, ND region. Contact us at (701) 693-5765.

Pole barns have decades of reliable performance. They are the most economical permanent structure to be built.

Pole Barn Concerns

Properly treated, timber will last longer than you or I. The catch is that it must be properly treated. To identify wood suitable for foundation purposes, that is to be embedded in the ground, they must be identified as UC-4B.

The next time you visit your local lumberyard or lumber provider, check the tags. Most will say UC-3 or UC-4A. Neither of these are suitable for foundational use.

If you aren’t confident in the UC-4B rating, there are plastic sleeves available, to shield the treated lumber from the damage the soil can provide.

Pole Barn Benefits

Pole Barn2

The benefits of a pole barn construction are numerous. It is a comparatively inexpensive design. Without requiring a full concrete foundation, the time and expense are both reduced. Pole barn designs are versatile and flexible, allowing the building to be designed to meet your specifications exactly without a large loss of unused space. The lack of unnecessary materials makes build time quicker, allowing for faster functionality and payoff.

A pole barn does NOT have to be a “barn.” It can be almost any type of structure you choose. The name refers to the materials utilized and the construction method. Pole barns make great agricultural building, protective sheds for equipment or livestock and even a really nice garage or other storage facility.

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We have been working with clients for years building their pole barns. Let us add you to our clients. Frueh Construction is working with clients in Garrison, ND. To contact us today call our number (701) 693-5765. Our pole barns are designed to your specifications. There is no reason to have a cookie cutter pole barn, they would only be able to serve part of your needs, not all of them.

Steel Building – Garrison, ND

Steel Building1

The number of options can be overwhelming when it comes to building materials. Some building owners prefer wood, while others go for cement blocks or other materials. However, when it comes to the premier building material in terms of strength, lifespan, and long-term costs, steel is the unquestioned winner. From a design standpoint, steel offers almost limitless options for the architect. It also provides the ability to customize the building to your personal specifications. In many cases, interior columns become unnecessary, maximizing interior space. For those looking to add a steel building to their property in Garrison, ND, call Frueh Construction today at (701) 693-5765.

About a Steel Building

Steel is one of the strongest building materials available and is extremely resistant to degradation when properly installed and maintained. Unlike wood, block, or other building materials, galvanized steel is impervious to corrosion and can be trusted to perform for many more years. Technological advances assure that steel structures can be built to your exact specifications, eliminating the risk of mistakes or hazardous situations well before construction of your steel building begins.

Available Steel Building Upgrades

Steel Building2

A steel building offers the opportunity for upgrades like insulated metal panels, solid doors, or window systems. A steel building is extremely versatile, allowing for the perfect blend of security, form, and function. Even challenging site situations are no match for the foundation systems utilized, allowing for significant cost savings and speed when compared to other construction methods. Additionally, maintenance for a steel building is more affordable and less time-consuming than for other building types. With basic upkeep and proper insulation, you can worry less and focus on using your commercial building for your intended purposes. At Frueh Construction, we are passionate about providing solutions that allow business owners to focus on what matters most.

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At Frueh Construction, no project is too big or too small for us. We have the knowledge and time-tested ability to design your steel building and make it suit your needs perfectly. We install backyard workshops, large manufacturing facilities, and everything in between! If you want to add a steel building to your property in Garrison, ND, call us today at (701) 693-5765 to discover why steel is the superior building material! We look forward to partnering with you.

Everything to Know About Hydraulic Doors

Hydraulic Doors 1

Doors have been in use for centuries, but over the years there have been many advances. Hydraulic doors have become more popular recently. They combine ease of use as well as the convenience of an automatic open. Long gone are the days where you had to open those heavy doors yourself. Do you live in Rugby, ND? Are you ready for a hydraulic door? Call the number one construction crew at Frueh Construction. You can contact us at (701) 693-5765.

What is a Hydraulic Door?

A hydraulic door uses a hydraulic system to open your door. This system has ball bearings that are inset into a metal frame, which allows the door to move up and down without being bound by the hydraulics. There are two hydraulics, one on each side of the door. This type of door is great for barns, large garages, and buildings that house your farming equipment. They are programmed to be remote-controlled to make getting in and out easy. These doors will last for years, provided they are installed correctly and are well-maintained.

When Should You Install a Hydraulic Door?

Hydraulic door 2

You can install a hydraulic door whenever you would like. A hydraulic door can be added to an existing building or as part of a new building. There is no set time to install one. However, you should have a professional install hydraulic doors. They must be installed correctly, or you could face issues with the door or its integrity. We will work with you to determine the most convenient time to install it. If it is an existing building, then we will inspect it first to ensure the door has the appropriate support. We don’t want to install a hydraulic door without being sure it is well-supported. If there is not enough support, we will add the necessary support system to ensure it is as safe as possible for you.

The addition of a hydraulic door to your building offers increased functionality, reduces stress on your body and makes your life easier all around. When you combine that, with unbelievable craftsmanship, an attention to detail and unquestioning customer service, you get a project to be proud of for years.

Call on Us

If you are ready to install a hydraulic door, call us. Here at Frueh Construction our mission is to give you the door you want and need. If you are in or around Rugby, ND, call us to install your hydraulic door at (701) 693-5765.

All About Concrete Underfloor Heating

Concrete Underfloor Heating1

There are two types of floor heating: electric and hydronic. Hydronic heating is used in larger spaces, while electric heating is typically used in smaller spaces, as it runs on electricity. In both methods, the heating element is placed in concrete, and then a thin layer of concrete is poured on top of it. After the concrete cures, we can add additional flooring or polish the concrete for you. When you are ready for concrete underfloor heating added to your building in the Rugby, ND area, call Frueh Construction at (701) 693-5765.

Electric Underfloor Heating

For electric underfloor heating, we first pour concrete. Once it starts to set, we place the in-slab cable system. We then pour a thin layer of concrete over it and allow it to fully cure. This heating method is great for places like the kitchen or the bathroom. It is directly connected to your electrical system. If you want to add carpet or tile on top of the concrete, it should not be over one inch tall. Otherwise, it will prevent you from feeling the benefits of underfloor heating.

Hydronic Underfloor Heating

Concrete Underfloor Heating2

Hydronic heating is slightly different from electric heating. After we pour the initial layer of concrete, we place wire mesh and PEX tubing into the concrete, attaching it to the first layer of concrete. After this, we pour a thin top layer of concrete. This type of heating system is used in larger areas, such as an entire building or a garage. A hydronic system heats by using heated water that runs through tubing.

Using a traditional heater can be uneven and leave cold spots. Most of the heat goes to the ceiling before it reaches anywhere else. A hydronic system radiates heat from the floor, where it rises evenly, keeping the area consistently warm.

Regardless of the type of concrete floor heating system you choose, the experts at Frueh Construction will ensure the job is done right. Combining their skill with unwavering customer service is what sets the Frueh team head and shoulders above the rest.

Contact Us

If you are ready to be warm year-round and would like to have concrete underfloor heating in your Rugby, ND region building, give Frueh Construction a call today. We will discuss where you want to place the heated floor, as well as what finish you would like. We will ensure you get what you want and need. Contact us at (701) 693-5765.

All About a Cattle Shed

Cattle Shed1

Despite its name, a cattle shed is a building that can house any outdoor animal. It houses animals, but it can also be made to house equipment as well. Cattle sheds will protect your animals from predators as well as severe weather in Garrison, ND. At Frueh Construction, we use prefabricated materials that are then customized to fit your wants and needs. Contact us today at (701) 693-5765.

Building your Cattle Shed

We start by sitting down with you and discussing what you want your cattle shed to look like, as well as its intended use. We will then create blueprints for you to review and change anything you are not happy with. Once we have agreed on the blueprints, then we will set the boundaries for it. Once everything is in place, we will then pour the foundation, placing the frame into the foundation as we go. After this, it is time to install the walls, insulation, roof, and windows. If there are any internal rooms, this is when we would install the doors. A thorough understanding of your preferences is key to a great long-term result.

Built Like You Want

Cattle Shed2

You can customize every part of your building. You can choose how many rooms there will be, as well as what you will use them for. This will allow us to have the appropriate areas in place and use the correct doors. We can also add in-floor heating for your and your animals’ comfort. Do you need a place for your tools? We can include a space for them as well. Adding hooks will help keep your leads and other equipment out of the way and help you avoid tangling or losing them.

Everything about your cattle shed can be customized to your wants and needs. Your animals will be kept safe, since we attach doors to the shed. Predators prefer to attack prey while they sleep, but with a cattle shed, your animals can sleep in peace. They can be fed inside as well, keeping their food dry and free of pests.

Call Us Today

If you have decided to add a cattle shed to your property, call us. We will be your partner through the entire process. If you live in Garrison, ND, or the surrounding areas, call Frueh Construction at (701) 693-5765.

About Steel Buildings – Rugby, ND

We can create a steel building for you. The building will be made exactly as you want. Frueh Construction is based in Rugby, ND. When you hire us, we will begin discussing your vision for your building. Call us today at (701) 693-5765.

What Does Your Dream Building Look Like?

Are you looking for a small building to use as a crafting area or a large one with rooms? How many windows does it have? Before we begin construction, these are the questions we will ask. We will draw blueprints based on your answers. We will show them to you and make any adjustments you want. This can be anything, like adding or removing walls, windows, or doors.

Do you want one area larger than the other? Or a little smaller? These are things we need to decide before we continue the process. A blueprint will also give you an image of the final design, which can sometimes change what you want. This is no problem at all – we will make as many adjustments as you need until you are happy.

What Comes Next

Next, we will come to your location and mark the area where your steel building will be. This is for two reasons. First of all, this will show exactly where we need to pour the foundation. The second reason is that you will have a better idea of the size of the building once it is completed. If your building will have electricity, running water, and gas, we will work on that next. 

The following step is pouring the foundation and smoothing it out. While the foundation is curing, we will install the frame of the building as well as any interior posts. After the foundation is fully cured, we will then start building the walls and roof. As the walls are being built, we will hardwire all the electrical connections and ensure gas and water lines are in the correct location. We will then work on the finishing touches, such as windows and doors.

When you are ready to add a steel building to your property, call Frueh Construction to have it built to your expectations and up to code. If your property is in Rugby, ND, call (701) 693-5765.