Pole Barn Jamestown ND

Isn’t it amazing how often you see a new pole barn in Jamestown, ND suddenly pop up out of nowhere? This is because pole barns are so simple to build and so affordable that they appeal to a wide variety of people and can be used for so many purposes. Interested in a pole barn today? Just give us a call at 701-693-5765 to hear all about our pole barn options for you.

Affordable Value and High Quality

Pole barns are a budget-friendly option that is still of exceptional quality. At Frueh Construction, we only use the highest quality materials available in the building of our pole barns. This makes them last a long time and it also makes for a very attractive finished result. You are probably familiar with a pole barn more because of its distinct look than its unique construction style.

Simple, Quick Build

Because there is no need for a foundation, only the posts that are sunk 4-6 feet into the ground, there is little site prep-work needed. This results in less time for the actual build and, therefore, less labor costs, as well. This makes a pole barn a quick and easy building option which is especially appealing if you are on a tight schedule or are dealing with a large project that you want to keep as simple as possible.

Savings on Energy Bills

A pole barn built in Jamestown, ND can meet or exceed the energy-efficiency requirements here. Pole barns can be 8 ft or more on center. This allows for more room for insulation which results in a superior energy-efficiency which will really save you on your heating and cooling costs.

Long-lasting Option

Pole barns can last a long time if they are built properly. The larger the pole barn, the longer its life expectancy is. This is usually exciting news to customers who are interested in a larger pole barn as a commercial building or a community building, such as a church. You can rest assured that your building will be there for the next generation to use, as well.

At Frueh Construction, we sell and build pole barns for any purpose that you have: residential, commercial, agricultural or whatever. We believe in honesty and integrity and it is the hallmark of every project that we take on. We aim for total and complete customer satisfaction and never settle for less. Guaranteed. We’d love to hear about your pole barn project in Jamestown, ND, so give us a call today at 701-693-5765 and we’ll bring your vision to life.