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Steel Building – Washburn, ND

If you are considering constructing a steel building on your property in Washburn, ND, then you can trust the expert team at Frueh Construction! Our company has been providing top-quality construction solutions to property owners across the state for many years. We specialize in steel construction services. No matter what service you need, whether it’s […]

Hydraulic Door – Washburn, ND

If you are an industrial or commercial property owner, then you may need to hire a reliable contractor for your construction needs. One such need could be installing or maintaining a hydraulic door on your property. Hydraulic doors are a fantastic way of improving the efficiency and functionality of your commercial building. If your building […]

Concrete – Washburn, ND

As a property owner, you may be interested in constructing a concrete building. After all, concrete buildings are well-known for their exceptional durability, energy efficiency, fire resistance, and low maintenance requirements. If you’re a property owner in Washburn, ND, and you’re looking for high-quality concrete services, you should contact the team at Frueh Construction. Our […]

All About Our Pole Barn Services

Pole barns can be used as agricultural or commercial buildings. They are made up of square posts for vertical support and posts for horizontal reinforcement. If you’re a commercial or industrial building owner in Washburn, ND, and you would like to construct or repair a pole barn on your property, then you should partner with […]

Reliable Commercial Roofing Services

Your commercial building requires a significant amount of money to properly construct and maintain. Therefore, the roof that protects you and your belongings should be sturdy enough to last for many years. If you’re a commercial or industrial building owner in Washburn, ND, and you are looking for top-notch commercial roofing services, you have no […]

Top-Quality Cattle Shed Services

If you own property that is used for agricultural purposes, then you should partner with a trusted construction company to install or maintain your cattle shed. Thankfully, the choice is easy! The crew at Frueh Construction in Washburn, ND, has many years of experience in the industry, serving property owners all across the region. Therefore, […]

Post Frame Building – Drake, ND

If you are a property owner and you are looking for an improved version of the conventional pole barn, then a post frame building could be the answer for you. Pole frame buildings are a more durable alternative to pole barns. If you are a property owner in Drake, ND, and you are considering constructing […]

Floor Heat Concrete – Drake, ND

New technologies continue to arrive on the market for property owner, and one of these is floor heat concrete. If you are a building owner, then you can take advantage of this technology to make the interior temperature of your structure more comfortable. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for high-quality and long-lasting floor heat concrete services, […]

Understanding How a Hydraulic Door Could Help You

As a commercial or industrial building owner, you may need to partner with top-notch craftsmen for your construction needs. One such need might be installing or maintaining hydraulic doors on your property. A hydraulic door is a great way to enhance the functionality of your property. If your commercial building is in Drake, ND, and […]

Dependable Steel Building Services

Are you looking to construct a steel building on your property? If so, then the professional team at Frueh Construction in Drake, ND, is here to help. We have been providing top-quality construction services to property owners in the area for many years. Steel construction is just one of the areas our technicians excel in. […]