All About a Cattle Shed

Cattle Shed1

Despite its name, a cattle shed is a building that can house any outdoor animal. It houses animals, but it can also be made to house equipment as well. Cattle sheds will protect your animals from predators as well as severe weather in Garrison, ND. At Frueh Construction, we use prefabricated materials that are then customized to fit your wants and needs. Contact us today at (701) 693-5765.

Building your Cattle Shed

We start by sitting down with you and discussing what you want your cattle shed to look like, as well as its intended use. We will then create blueprints for you to review and change anything you are not happy with. Once we have agreed on the blueprints, then we will set the boundaries for it. Once everything is in place, we will then pour the foundation, placing the frame into the foundation as we go. After this, it is time to install the walls, insulation, roof, and windows. If there are any internal rooms, this is when we would install the doors. A thorough understanding of your preferences is key to a great long-term result.

Built Like You Want

Cattle Shed2

You can customize every part of your building. You can choose how many rooms there will be, as well as what you will use them for. This will allow us to have the appropriate areas in place and use the correct doors. We can also add in-floor heating for your and your animals’ comfort. Do you need a place for your tools? We can include a space for them as well. Adding hooks will help keep your leads and other equipment out of the way and help you avoid tangling or losing them.

Everything about your cattle shed can be customized to your wants and needs. Your animals will be kept safe, since we attach doors to the shed. Predators prefer to attack prey while they sleep, but with a cattle shed, your animals can sleep in peace. They can be fed inside as well, keeping their food dry and free of pests.

Call Us Today

If you have decided to add a cattle shed to your property, call us. We will be your partner through the entire process. If you live in Garrison, ND, or the surrounding areas, call Frueh Construction at (701) 693-5765.