About Steel Buildings – Rugby, ND

We can create a steel building for you. The building will be made exactly as you want. Frueh Construction is based in Rugby, ND. When you hire us, we will begin discussing your vision for your building. Call us today at (701) 693-5765.

What Does Your Dream Building Look Like?

Are you looking for a small building to use as a crafting area or a large one with rooms? How many windows does it have? Before we begin construction, these are the questions we will ask. We will draw blueprints based on your answers. We will show them to you and make any adjustments you want. This can be anything, like adding or removing walls, windows, or doors.

Do you want one area larger than the other? Or a little smaller? These are things we need to decide before we continue the process. A blueprint will also give you an image of the final design, which can sometimes change what you want. This is no problem at all – we will make as many adjustments as you need until you are happy.

What Comes Next

Next, we will come to your location and mark the area where your steel building will be. This is for two reasons. First of all, this will show exactly where we need to pour the foundation. The second reason is that you will have a better idea of the size of the building once it is completed. If your building will have electricity, running water, and gas, we will work on that next. 

The following step is pouring the foundation and smoothing it out. While the foundation is curing, we will install the frame of the building as well as any interior posts. After the foundation is fully cured, we will then start building the walls and roof. As the walls are being built, we will hardwire all the electrical connections and ensure gas and water lines are in the correct location. We will then work on the finishing touches, such as windows and doors.

When you are ready to add a steel building to your property, call Frueh Construction to have it built to your expectations and up to code. If your property is in Rugby, ND, call (701) 693-5765.