Pole Barns, Fargo ND

Early on, pole barns were commonly used as shelters for animals, hay, and farm vehicles. Today they are also used for commercial and industrial uses like warehouses, municipal buildings, and churches. Many different types of structures are used for building pole barns based on specific client-requirements, cost-effectiveness, longevity, and visual appeal. There is a range of exterior finishes like concrete, plaster, bricks, polymers, etc. which can give your pole barn a personalized façade. Frueh Construction specializes in building high-quality pole barns over traditional framing structures. You can call us today for a quote on high-quality pole barns in Fargo, ND.

Energy Efficiency

Pole barns offer great insulation compared to buildings made of steel. Steel conducts heat and cold, making structures thermally inefficient and consequently resulting in high HVAC costs. Pole barns, however, are not fitted with steel frames; they are naturally spaced to provide adequate insulation to the building. Additionally, the ceiling and the walls of the pole barn allow high-quality insulation which reduces the overall energy costs. You can request an appointment with our professionals to design the structure like a traditional stick-framed building to take advantage of the higher insulation R-value.

Firm Foundation

When setting up stick-framed structures, up to 15% of the budget is spent on the foundation work. Pole barns however only need concrete in each footer, making it a cost-friendly alternative. Once the poles are set up, the contractors level things up, pour the concrete into a slab and use it as a floor for your garage, shop or other structures. The cost reduces significantly, and so does the amount of grading required to lay down the appropriate foundation for stick-framed structures.

Ideal for Any Terrain

Another benefit of using pole barns is that they don’t need a level ground to be erected. Stick framing requires grading to level the field for construction. With pole barns, our contractors perform a relatively reduced amount of work to frame out and set up.  Thus, pole barns can set up in areas that may not be ideal for stick-framed buildings.

Reduced Framing

Pole barns don’t need a lot of structural support and intensive framing like stick-framed buildings. A stick-framed barn, for example, requires 16-24 inches of on-center framing but a pole barn needs eight feet of framing without compromising on the amount of snow load it can hold. The span between framing is determined by the weight on the roof from a snowfall.

Frueh Construction appreciates the importance of providing professional assistance to our clients.  If you are interested in our superior pole barns and you’re in  Fargo, ND do not hesitate to reach us at 701-693-5765.