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Let Us Help You Construct Your Pole Barn

If you are looking to build a pole barn on your property, partner with the team at Frueh Construction in New Salem, ND. Our pole barns are an affordable and durable option for property owners. Call us today at 701-693-5765 for further details! Pole Barns Pole barns are post-frame buildings used for various purposes, such […]

Building Your Pole Barn

If you are thinking of constructing a new building on your property, you should consider a pole barn. Pole barns are an affordable and versatile option for those seeking a durable and practical building. If you are in Maddock, ND, you can contact the team at Frueh Construction to learn more. Call us today at […]

How a Cattle Shed Could Benefit You

The expert team at Frueh Construction in Maddock, ND, specializes in designing and building high-quality sheds that are both functional and durable. If you would like to learn more about building your cattle shed, call us today at 701-693-5765! Cattle Sheds A cattle shed, also known as a cowshed or barn, is a type of […]

Pole Barn – Minot, ND

Among the varied services offered by the experts at Frueh Construction, we build, repair and maintain pole barn structures, including general-purpose sheds, livestock barns, machine and equipment sheds, storage facilities and more. Our pole barn buildings are constructed to meet and exceed the demands of local building codes and to meet and exceed our customers’ […]

How a Cattle Shed Could Help You

Cattle sheds can come in many different shapes and sizes. One of the best ways to build a cattle shed is by using a pole barn. Many property owners have begun to embrace pole barns, thanks to the wide range of benefits that they offer. However, it is crucial to build them correctly. If you’re […]

Pole Barn – Stanton, ND

A pole barn is a common type of building that some property owners use for storage or as a workshop. Pole barns can be customized by adding extra features, like windows, doors, ventilation systems, and insulation. To make sure your pole barn is compliant with all applicable local building rules and regulations, it is essential […]

Pole Barn – Lincoln, ND

Frueh Construction is an industry-leading general construction company that helps clients in Lincoln, ND with any of their building needs. If you are looking to add a pole barn, aka post-frame building, our guys are fully prepared for the job. Get a free quote on your new structure today by calling us at (701) 693-5765. […]

Versatile Pole Barn – Beulah, ND

With Frueh Construction, you can build and customize a pole barn on your property to your exact specifications. You can choose the number of rooms and even the color of the pole barn. It all depends on your wants, needs, and budget. If you want more information on building a pole barn on your property […]

Pole Barn – Garrison, ND

Though pole barns have been around for centuries, the technology behind them has changed drastically. 100+ years ago, there wasn’t a reliable pressure treating process that could preserve wood embedded in the ground and keep it from rotting. To address the problem, stone piers were placed to prevent buildings from settling and the timber from […]