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Though pole barns have been around for centuries, the technology behind them has changed drastically. 100+ years ago, there wasn’t a reliable pressure treating process that could preserve wood embedded in the ground and keep it from rotting. To address the problem, stone piers were placed to prevent buildings from settling and the timber from rotting. However, they offered no resistance to frost heave issues or uplift situations. Now, we utilize concrete to stabilize buildings. Frueh Construction is ready to erect your pole barn with innovative technology in the Garrison, ND region. Contact us at (701) 693-5765.

Pole barns have decades of reliable performance. They are the most economical permanent structure to be built.

Pole Barn Concerns

Properly treated, timber will last longer than you or I. The catch is that it must be properly treated. To identify wood suitable for foundation purposes, that is to be embedded in the ground, they must be identified as UC-4B.

The next time you visit your local lumberyard or lumber provider, check the tags. Most will say UC-3 or UC-4A. Neither of these are suitable for foundational use.

If you aren’t confident in the UC-4B rating, there are plastic sleeves available, to shield the treated lumber from the damage the soil can provide.

Pole Barn Benefits

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The benefits of a pole barn construction are numerous. It is a comparatively inexpensive design. Without requiring a full concrete foundation, the time and expense are both reduced. Pole barn designs are versatile and flexible, allowing the building to be designed to meet your specifications exactly without a large loss of unused space. The lack of unnecessary materials makes build time quicker, allowing for faster functionality and payoff.

A pole barn does NOT have to be a “barn.” It can be almost any type of structure you choose. The name refers to the materials utilized and the construction method. Pole barns make great agricultural building, protective sheds for equipment or livestock and even a really nice garage or other storage facility.

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We have been working with clients for years building their pole barns. Let us add you to our clients. Frueh Construction is working with clients in Garrison, ND. To contact us today call our number (701) 693-5765. Our pole barns are designed to your specifications. There is no reason to have a cookie cutter pole barn, they would only be able to serve part of your needs, not all of them.