Pole Barn – Towner, North Dakota

A pole barn is known for its long list of benefits. However, when it comes to caring for them, people might get a bit confused even though it is crucial. Luckily, Frueh Construction is here to help solve your worries. If you’re in Towner, North Dakota, leave it to us to ensure your pole barn is in perfect shape. Call us today at 701-693-5765.

What is a Pole Barn?

Barns come in multiple shapes and sizes, but pole barns have recently gained popularity. This is probably because of the numerous advantages that come with it. The thing that sets pole barns apart is their sides consist of poles or posts usually covered in mesh. They are also known as post-frame buildings as they feature square-shaped posts that allow vertical structural support. The posts mentioned earlier are primarily for horizontal reinforcement. This structure will enable them to be great buildings for many purposes, including residential, storage, commercial, or agricultural buildings.

Benefits of Pole Barns:

Pole barns are a great fit for multiple people because of the long list of benefits that come with them. Here are some of the most prominent ones that cause people to rush toward them:

They are incredibly affordable. Since they don’t require a concrete foundation, a large sum is saved. Moreover, the materials required are inexpensive and of low quantity, which further adds to the affordability. They provide a broad, open space without needing load-bearing walls or intrusive columns. You can customize all pole barns. This means that you can make any alterations to fit your requirements. These include, but aren’t limited to, customizable wainscots, overhangs, exterior colors, cupolas, and insulated windows.

Since they are so versatile, you can add whatever additional structure you’d like to add to the building. For example, you could include a room for a hobby shop, a garage, a hobby, a commercial space, a recreational center, or simply for storage. It’s all in your hands.

These can be built relatively quickly. Most constructors can make one in a fraction of the time a traditional barn would take. However, the duration varies based on your requirements, customization, and construction team.

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No matter what your pole barn needs, we’ve got it covered. Whether you’re looking for installation, maintenance, repair, or anything in between, Frueh Construction can do it in no time. If you’re on the hunt for a service that offers perfection in minimal time in Towner, North Dakota, you don’t have to look much further. Call us at 701-693-5765 and leave the rest to us.