Cattle shed, Harvey, ND.

The construction industry has been gradually expanding. The requirement for buildings to facilitate people and businesses has resulted in an increase in agricultural buildings. Cattle sheds have become more and more popular due to the improvement in the stability of related businesses.

Frueh Construction is one of the pioneers of services related to cattle sheds in Harvey, North Dakota. Our unique expertise in roofing services allows us to incorporate the latest technology into our cattle sheds and provide the best value for your buck! To learn more about us, call us at 701-693-5765.

How important is a cattle shed?

Cattle sheds are almost a necessity for any agricultural business. To keep your cattle and other livestock safe from injuries, sickness, and parasites, it is essential to invest in the conditions they live in.

The roof of any property is one of the most crucial parts of the entire structure. Not only does it protect that interior from insects, sun, wind, precipitation, and heat, but it is the most vulnerable part of the property. Therefore, it goes without saying that the roof must be robust and reliable. All these points apply to cattle sheds as well, which are shelters for agricultural buildings.

So, what makes good cattle shed? The quality of the cattle shed depends on the materials used to manufacture it. The higher the quality of the materials, the more reliable the cattle shed becomes. The design of the cattle shed is also essential in many cases. A professional construction company can help you choose from many cattle-shed designs. A few popular ones include flat roofs, earth roofs, double-pitched roofs, hip roofs, conical roofs, etc. Lastly, the installation and maintenance service your cattle shed receives is also crucial—the better the service, the fewer the chances of leakages and breakages.

Why Frueh Construction?

Frueh Construction has been offering high-caliber construction and roofing services for residential, commercial, and agricultural property. Currently, we offer our services in all parts of North Dakota, as well as Minnesota and Montana. The team at Frueh Construction is trained and equipped to execute the most challenging projects. Our solutions are known for being cost-effective and eco-friendly. Furthermore, we take immense pride in the high level of customer support that we offer. Besides cattle-shed construction, repair, and installation, we also deal in pole barns, spray foam, framing, steel buildings, etc.

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