Commercial Roofing Frueh Harvey ND

Harvey, North Dakota, is such a great place to live in. But imagine amidst all that greatness, you have to encounter difficult decisions about your property’s roof. Therefore, to make the process of handling the roof hassle-free and ensure peace of mind for you, Frueh Construction, a premium full service contractor is available for all you needs. We offer commercial roofing services in over ten communities with a commitment to quality in all aspects.

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What does commercial roofing mean?

If you own a commercial property, then problems related to installation, maintenance, repair, and replacements for your roof fall under the realm of commercial roofing. And since these roofs are different from residential roofs, you should only consider handling these through professional contractors. Fortunately, to seek these services, you may not have to look beyond us either because we offer all of these services and a lot more!

Installing a roof requires knowledge, technical expertise, and experience, which only skilled technicians can offer. Commercial roofing provides much more options than traditional roofs for your specific needs. For example, single ply membranes such as TPO, PVC, and EPDM are popular due to their ease of applicability, cost-effectiveness, and reflectiveness. But suppose they are not appropriately installed, like in the case of metal roofing, the sheets are not applied properly. That could cause more significant problems later when restoring them. So, skilled technicians are familiar with how to check the seams and seal the sheets completely. And in some cases where replacements are necessary, it is essential to assess whether there are any alternative solutions to increase the roof’s lifespan.

Similarly, maintaining and restoring is vital because many property owners or managers often do not know the importance of staying proactive with their roof’s situation. Hence, the roofs deteriorate completely before the expected timespan, and end up warranting a heftily priced replacement. This could be avoided by either maintaining the roof through at least biannually scheduled checks or restoring the damaged parts as soon as they start creeping on your roof. Like in flat roofs, if water accumulates for an extended period, this could cause seepage and develop molds. So, if the issue is identified earlier, the slope could be slightly increased or drainage improved to prevent future occurrence.

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