Steel Building – Harvey, ND

Building on a relationship based on quality, Frueh Construction’s steel buildings canvass Harvey, North Dakota, and the multiple other states that we offer our services. We propose custom solutions based on your needs to cater to commercial properties of all types and sizes while ensuring that no aspect of the building is compromised. Not only are the functional structures designed to last an extended period, but the variety of color options also provide a great aesthetic look. These buildings could also be utilized in various forms like agriculture, storage, workshop, or commercial.

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Why do I need a Steel Building?

Steel buildings entail many benefits which contribute to their widespread adoption amongst consumers. Steel is reusable and can be recycled endlessly, leading to approximately a quarter of the steel being recycled already in your building. It also increases the energy efficiency while its tensile strength requires fewer beams, providing more usable space. Since steel is light, it also requires fewer foundations and collectively fewer materials leads to resource-saving and positive impact on the environment. Moreover, steel is also flexible enough to be used with other materials. Also, its flexibility makes it resistant to earthquakes.

On the other hand, Steel buildings offer a variety of benefits too in which some of them stem from the advantage of using steel as a primary material. It is relatively more straightforward and time-efficient to assemble a steel building because it is usually available in a prefabricated form. Contingent on how you want them done, they can also be modified as needed during the process or afterward. These buildings are environmentally friendly through the recyclable nature of steel, and the steel can entirely be recycled in the next project. It can also resist fire, corrosion, and termites, providing additional safety against natural threats and insects. Lastly, as less material, resources, and time are used in setting up these buildings, they are an affordable option for many consumers.

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