Cattle Shed, Jamestown, ND

At Frueh Construction, we know that those in the animal and agriculture industry rely heavily upon properly functioning buildings for the health of their animals. That is why have taken it upon ourselves to provide durable, versatile, efficient cattle shed structures to meet all your needs.

Our cattle sheds are designed to be practical yet comfortable, functional but stylish. We know that the work of a farmer never stops, and so when you work with Frueh Construction, you can rest easy knowing that from initial inspections to blueprints to prep work and construction, we do it all. Whether you need repairs, improvements, or expansion for an existing shed or a new cattle shed, Frueh Construction is your contractor.

We guide our clients through the building process, combining quality craftsmanship with excellent customer care and budget-friendly options. Call us at (701) 693-5765 today to see what we can do for you.

Recommended Cattle Shed Structures

Providing shelter for cattle – beef or dairy – can help them better deal with various changes in climate and temperature and lead to increased productivity. That is why we at Frueh Construction have worked to design efficient, well thought out cattle sheds. The following are two popular options for cattle housing structures:

1) Open sided, single slope roof shed

This type of shed is attractive due to its relative affordability. It is extremely easy to construct. We recommend building it to face south, to take advantage of the sun during cold, North Dakota winters. South-facing sheds also effectively block prevailing winds.

2) Open sided, clear span pole shed

The advantage of a clear span cattle shed is its open design, clear of traditional supports such as posts, beams, or pillars. The structure uses a web truss design that imparts stability to the infrastructure. Clients love this design for its easy manure removal, feeding, etc. We recommend keeping one side of the shed open for ventilation.

Benefits of Animal Shelters

Cattle are fairly resilient creatures, faring well in a wide range of temperatures if properly fed and watered, however the provision of shelter can improve their functioning and reduce losses. Read on for more benefits that come with providing a cattle shed:

  • Provide protection from extreme low temperatures and windchill. A shed will also trap cattles’ body heat, effectively heating the animals.
  • Provide shade during heatwaves, reducing heat stress and heat exhaustion (cattle lose heat primarily through respiration)
  • Decrease in stress factors lead to increased milk yield in dairy cows and faster weight gain in beef cattle
  • Shed provides shelter for feed and water stored within, keeping it protected and clean longer than when exposed
  • Protection for sick animals, newly born calves, and calving cows

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