A Steel Building

Steel Building1

There is not any building that is stronger than a steel building. If you own property in Fessenden, ND, and are looking to add a new building then you should call us at Frueh Construction. We will get the plans cleared through the coding office and get to work right away. To get started call us at (701) 693-5765.

What is a Steel Building

A steel building is made of steel. Instead of having wood framing all the framing is done with steel. This creates a more rigid structure. It also keeps your building from falling victim to termites. Termites are insects that consume wood as food. For traditional building materials this is an issue since the framing is made of wood. Steel is known to be sturdy and strong against severe weather, while also remaining functional as well as beautiful for decades.

The Construction

Steel Building

The construction of this building will fully depend on what you need, and how you want it to look. You choose how many rooms it has and how the layout is structured. The entire building is designed by you. This allows you to utilize your creativity in a structured setting that will then be turned into a reality. We handle everything from drawing the blueprints to finishing the construction. We do not call-in subcontractors to handle any part of the process. This allows us to better control the outcome of this project and ensure it is done correctly for you and your safety. We take safety as a requirement and not an option as doing this incorrectly can cause property damage as well as a huge risk for anyone inside. Neither of these are ideal for you nor our reputation. In this industry reputation can either grow a business or kill it.

Call Us Today

Adding a steel building to your property can raise the value of your property when it is built professionally. That is why if you own property in Fessenden, ND you need to have a professional team to handle it for you. We have just the right team at Frueh Construction to get this built for you in a proper manner. You can make it as complex as you need this building to be and know that it will be built to your expectations. Call us today on (701) 693-5765 to get a consultation with one of our experts.