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Frueh Construction is an established name in the roofing, housing, and construction industries. We have the most innovative “concrete solutions” for all of your buildings. Contact our team at 701-693-5765 to book any of our concrete-related services. Our professionals have worked all over the country, so they know how to deal with different conditions. Residents of Harvey, North Dakota, can now take advantage of our renowned services. Our roofers do not rest until the job is completed and our clients are fully satisfied with the result.

Types of Concrete Services

Our clients can demand many types of concrete jobs throughout the city. Therefore, our team pays close attention to the customer’s demands and caters to each job according to its individual needs. So, all of these types of jobs are encompassed in our “concrete” services.

Some common commercial concrete services that our team regularly provides are listed below:

  • Concrete slab
  • Poured foundation
  • Poured driveways, walls, sidewalks, and other surfaces
  • Floor coatings

Contact our team for more information on the kinds of concrete jobs that we have executed previously.

Excellent Job Execution

Our team looks at a couple of different factors that are given the most attention to ensure that the concrete job is perfectly executed. Preparation of the sub-base is the most important part of any concrete job. Our team has a lot of training and expertise in this factor. The second factor is the mixing and design of the project. Placement and finish are the two other factors that are important in ensuring the best execution of the project. We can assure you that our concrete experts have all of these factors on their top priority list. Before any project is started, they plan on how to execute these four factors first. They form the basis for excellent job execution.

What is not considered excellent execution practice is hiring amateur concrete workers or doing the job yourself. Without proper planning or know-how of the area around the building (or the surface of the building itself), a concrete project cannot be executed perfectly. Therefore, hire our professionals for complete knowledge about concrete jobs in North Dakota.

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Frueh Construction is now offering “concrete” services in Harvey, North Dakota. To book your slot, you can call us at 701-693-5765.