Everything to Know About Cattle Sheds

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A cattle shed is a smaller version of a barn and can be used to store animals or equipment. It is often utilized in rural areas, such as Beulah, ND. Here at Frueh Construction, we custom-build our cattle sheds to your specifications. You get to choose every detail of it! Call us today at (701) 693-5765 for more information.

Building Materials

When we build your cattle shed, we only use the best materials on the market. Along with our top-notch skill, you will receive the best shed possible. Using these high-quality materials allows our structures to last longer with less maintenance.

During our time in the industry, we have also built a strong relationship with our manufacturers. This is beneficial to all the parties involved: the manufacturers, Frueh Construction, and our clients. The manufacturers receive a steady demand for materials, we get a constant supply of these materials, and your project can advance as planned, allowing you to have the cattle shed exactly as you want it.

Steps to Success

Cattle Sheds

When you work with the experts at Frueh Construction, we follow certain steps to ensure you get what you want.

First, we begin with the initial contact. When you call us, our customer service team schedules a consultation and answers any questions you have. Next, we sit down with you in our office to start imagining what you would like the cattle shed to look like and what your intended use is. Once we have decided this, we will start reviewing the specifications, such as the size, the color, and whether it is open or self-contained. These questions will help us understand your needs.

The next step is to create a blueprint; we will show the draft to you, and you can make any changes to it. Once we have made the necessary adjustments, we will then arrive at your location to start marking out where this will be built.

After this, we will begin building! The final step is for you to look at it yourself and approve it. Once you are happy, we will leave you to begin using your cattle shed as you see fit.

Call Us

If you need a cattle shed built to your specifications, contact the team at Frueh Construction at (701) 693-5765. We will build your cattle shed exactly as you want, using high-quality materials. If you are located in Beulah, ND, call us today!