Post Frame Building Considerations – Beulah, ND

Post Frame Building1

A post frame building is one that has square posts built into its frame. Because of this, post frame buildings are strong and built to last. If you are looking to construct a post frame building on your property in Beulah, ND, contact Frueh Construction today! We can prefabricate the building ourselves and then assemble the pieces where you would like, leaving you with a flawlessly constructed post frame building. Call us today at (701) 693-5765.

The Prefabrication Process

Even though we prefabricate your post frame building, it will still be made to your requested specifications. Constructing the building before we arrive at your location allows us to complete the job quickly, which means you can return to your normal routine as fast as possible.

We use wood or steel to frame the structure and concrete as the foundation. This makes the building sturdy enough to withstand storms and other harsh weather. Prefabrication also reduces the amount of materials we need to bring to your property, which allows for fewer disruptions to your operations.

Post Frame Building Qualities

Post Frame Building2

A post frame building can last more than 60 years if properly maintained. Because of this, we make certain to create a proper drainage system for all our buildings.

Drainage systems are important for any building, as they prevent water from entering your building or washing away the soil under the foundation. If that soil disappears, the integrity of your foundation, as well as that of the entire building, could be compromised. All of this could even lead to a building collapse.

Since the posts are set directly into the foundation, post frame buildings are stronger than other building types. A sturdy building is essential for the winds and harsh weather of North Dakota. Some of these winds are even strong enough to pull the roofing off!

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Are you ready to add a post frame building to your property? Reach out to the team at Frueh Construction today for a consultation. When you hire us for your building project, you can be sure it will be completed correctly the first time. Being a local company, we know the regulations and rules that need to be followed in your area. If your commercial or residential property is in Beulah, ND, and you would like more information about post frame buildings, call us at (701) 693-5765!