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With Frueh Construction, you can build and customize a pole barn on your property to your exact specifications. You can choose the number of rooms and even the color of the pole barn. It all depends on your wants, needs, and budget. If you want more information on building a pole barn on your property in Beulah, ND, or the surrounding area, then give Frueh Construction a call today at (701) 693-5765!

What Is a Pole Barn?

Pole barns were first built in the Great Depression. Farmers were looking for cheap materials they could use to construct more buildings. They turned to recycled telephone poles, as they were strong, inexpensive, and prebuilt. The name was then shortened from telephone pole barn to pole barn. This type of building gained popularity all over the country and is still in use today, though with slightly different materials.

A pole barn has round wood or metal posts that are set in the foundation of the building. The posts are placed where they are needed most to support the weight of the structure.

Pole Barn Uses

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A pole barn can be used in very many different ways. Do you need a place for your animals to go at night or on very frigid days? We can construct a pole barn that you can lock from the outside with stables for your animals. Do you need a place to store your large equipment? You can use a pole barn to protect your belongings.

A pole barn can also be used to store your goods. If you need a place to store your products but have no room in your commercial building, add a pole barn to your property!

Here at Frueh Construction, our pole barns are easy to use and customized to your needs. We can make them as small as a shed or as large as a barn. We tailor each pole barn to our customers’ wishes.

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When you reach out to Frueh Construction for your pole barn in Beulah, ND, you will get a high level of experience and quality. We take pride in managing your project with care. We will listen to you and address any questions you have. Your pole barn will look exactly the way you want! Contact us now at (701) 693-5765.