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Concrete has been one of the essential items in the construction industry for a while now. Being able to perform high-quality concrete services on a daily basis is also essential for the construction industry in the United States. However, most companies and workers do not follow standardized industry protocols that ensure the safety and excellence of concrete structures. You can count on Frueh Construction to follow all protocols and ensure high-quality concrete services are provided all over North Dakota, including Bismarck. To find out more about the services offered under this section, you can call us at 701-693-5765.

Types of Concrete Services Offered

Many types of residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural jobs require some form of concrete services to be fully functional. Frueh Construction provides all the necessary workforce and tools to fulfill any kind of concrete job. We take each job with caution as each client has different specifications and requests. We try to include as many of the client’s requests as we can because we want the end product to please the client.

Some of the services that we offer under this section are as follows: commercial concrete slabs; poured foundations; poured walls; driveway/sidewalk construction; floor coatings; and any other self-curated concrete service that you want.

Executing Concrete Services Efficiently

When executing concrete services, a couple of things must be kept in mind to successfully carry out the project. The preparation of the sub-base is important as any fault can mess with the structure of the project. The mixing and designing are the second phases in this process and are also valued highly by our team. Placement and finishing are the last and perhaps the most important factors in a concrete construction project.

Each of these factors is either influenced by or influences the other factors. Therefore, all of them are kept in mind when planning the project. After the planning, these three factors are highly important in ensuring we execute the project perfectly.

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