What is The Difference in Post Frame Building and Pole Barn?

A post frame building is used for everything from farming needs to commercial use. They do not have a set look so the design can be made to look exactly the way you want it to look. Some people interchange post frame with pole barn, but they are two different building types. Here at Frueh Construction, we want to take a minute to clarify the difference between the two. We do construct both types of buildings and hope this will help you decide which design you would like for your next project. If you need a building constructed in Rugby, ND call (701) 693-5765.

Pole Barn

Pole barns are typically used for farming needs. Whether that is to protect animals or equipment. The poles are round and are cemented into the ground. Some zoning areas do not allow for this type of build but do allow for post frame buildings. Another thing is pole barns are not utilized as often as post frame buildings. Pole barns do not allow for flexibility in the design. But it does mean that you will get the same barn that you remember from your childhood or from seeing them on TV.

Post Frame

A post frame building is made with square posts that are cemented into the ground. These posts are made of either laminated wood or concrete. The reason we use laminated wood is to ensure that it does not start breaking down as soon as unprotected wood does. This allows your building to stand for a longer period of time. Post framing has become a more popular building type due to its design flexibility, as it does not have a specific design set up. This allows for more creativity in creating this new building for you.

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