Do You Need a Cattle Shed?

In North Dakota it is important to have a cattle shed for your livestock. This gives them a warm place to avoid bad weather. It also gives your livestock a place that is safe from predators.

The Frueh Construction team knows that they are an integral part of your livelihood and wants to assist you in protecting them. With our cattle shed, you can rest easy knowing your livestock are warm and safe. If you live in or around Rugby, ND call us today to get your cattle shed consultation; 701-693-5765.

Adverse Weather

Poor weather can have a damaging effect on cattle at any stage of their lives. Though a calf’s health is even more easily affected when the weather is not agreeable, a full-grown steer is also susceptible to poor weather conditions. A turn of the weather can cost you a lot in veterinary bills as well as needing to replace those lives that were lost.

A cattle shed gives your livestock a warm place that they can stay when it is too cold for them to safely be out in the pasture. It is also a fantastic way to keep the young in a specific area so you can keep a close eye on them.


There are several types of cattle predators. Leaving your cattle out at night with no one watching is leaving them to fend for themselves against these voracious beasts. Most predators are opportunists which means they will only strike when they get an open opportunity.

Keeping your cattle in a cattle shed reduces their opportunities to fall victim significantly. Your cattle can get the rest they need, and you do not have to worry about losing them to a predator.

About Us

We utilize our prefabricated cattle sheds though they are completely customizable to your individual needs. This means that when we come to install the cattle shed, we will have the walls and roof already made. We will create the foundation, frame, and roof to your specifications on site.

In our sheds we can set up everything from gates to milking stations. What you need for them will all be right there in one area, allowing you to care for your animals to the best of your ability.

Call us today at 701-693-5765. Frueh Construction serves Rugby, ND, and the surrounding areas. Call to get more information on getting a cattle shed today.