Uses of Concrete

Concrete has been around since 6500 BC. This is due to the various things you can use concrete for. Of course, some of the components in it have changed, however, it remains one of the strongest manufactured substances still in use. If you have a need for concrete, you can count on our experts at Frueh Construction. The office number is (701) 693-5765, call to get your concrete poured by professionals.

What are the Components in Concrete?

There are five components that go into creating concrete. First is cement, this is basically the glue for the rest of the components. Now the next thing added is water, this keeps the cement from hardening too quickly. Then there is sand, which helps to tighten the structure of the concrete. The next to be added is gravel. This can vary in size which can make the texture smooth or rough. The last is air, the introduction of air allows these to properly mix. Once this is thoroughly mixed then it is time to pour it into the area it is needed and let it slowly set. With concrete the rule is 10-20-30-40, which breaks down to 10% cement, 20% air & water, 30% sand, and 40% gravel. This creates the perfect concrete blend.

The Use

Concrete is one of those things that can be manipulated into whatever shape you need it to be. This is why it is used for things like skate parks. It can be poured as a flooring or a foundation for a building. It can be molded into the shape of a pool, statue or even a building. The only thing that these need as an addition is rebar as it gives additional support to the concrete. No matter what you need concrete for, it will only come out correctly if it is mixed properly and is handled correctly. This is why it is important to have experienced professionals create it for you.

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As far as concrete goes it is finicky and can be mishandled easily. Thus, if you want it done have a professional team like the one at Frueh Construction handle it for you. We have years of experience with mixing concrete and creating beautiful yet functional concrete works of art. If you own property in Fessenden, ND, and would like to add concrete contact us today (701) 693-5765.