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Do you have a building that is difficult to get into? We can add a hydraulic door to your existing building. Frueh Construction can install a new door into any building you need it in. If you own a building in Fessenden, ND, call us today at (701) 693-5765.


Before we install anything we always handle an inspection. We are looking to ensure the beams can handle the additional weight of the hydraulic system and the door. If they look even a little questionable, we will add extra support to ensure your new door does not cause your building to have a partial collapse or a full one. This will typically be two by four, unless the beams look bad enough that replacing them is a better solution to the issue. The variation comes in play with the level of damage that is found on the beams themselves. We will have everything in the area where the door is going in moved so that it is protected and does not get dirty while we work.

The Rest of the Process

Hydraulic Door

The rest of the process is fairly simple. We will secure the door track to the beams utilizing mechanical fasteners. Then install the door on the hydraulic system. Once these are in place, we can then program the door opener for you. This will allow you to open and close your new door with ease and keep you from lifting that door to open it every time you need to get inside or out of the building. It is also a time saver as you can press a button while you are driving up. Thus, reducing the amount of time it takes to get out of your vehicle or move aways from your reason for entering the building, opening the door then going back to your vehicle or the reason you are entering the building and going inside. It does not seem like much but over time it adds up.

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Adding a hydraulic door to your building creates an easier way for you to enter your building. Whether that is at home or in a commercial building. If you own a building in Fessenden, ND, and would like to add a door then call Frueh Construction today. We will have a new hydraulic door installed quickly for your convenience. Contact us by dialing (701) 693-5765.