Understanding Spray Foam Roofing – Mandan, North Dakota

Although it seems complicated to improve a roof with ease, spray foam roofing has made this incredibly easy. It might seem too good to be true, but it does provide a huge difference. However, finding a reliable roofing service isn’t as straightforward. If you’re in Mandan, North Dakota, you’re lucky because Frueh Construction has got you covered. Call us today at 701-693-5765 and get it installed with ease.

Understanding Spray Foam Roofing:

Spray Foam roofing, in a nutshell, can be considered a protective layer installed on your existing roof. Spray Polyurethane Foam or spray foam roofing is found in liquid form that expands to a firm, solid layer after application. It got this name because of the way that it is installed. A team of experts spray this liquid in an even layer on the surface and let it be. After enough time to rest, the liquid will transform into a solid foam.

Be sure not to attempt this on your own. It sounds simple, but an unskilled application might lead to frequent needs for repair. Another common issue when people attempt installation without training is a highly uneven layer or one that is too thick and heavy.

Benefits of Spray Foam Roofing:

Spray foam roofing has become incredibly popular in the past few years. This is probably because of the numerous benefits that come with it. Here are some of the common advantages of Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing:

  • It is incredibly lightweight and durable. This means it will offer protection without adding too much weight to the roof underneath.
  • As it is initially a liquid, it seeps into all crevices and even minor cracks and holes. So, it can be a quick way to solve two problems at once.
  • It is entirely waterproof and can fight against even the harshest weather conditions.
  • The installation and maintenance process is simple and comparatively inexpensive.
  • It lasts incredibly long, so you won’t have to get it maintained too often if installed correctly. Most of them last around 20 years.
  • A highly efficient thermal envelope is created, which prevents your roof from being damaged while keeping the temperature right.

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Frueh Construction can take care of all your roofing issues no matter what you need. Whether you’re looking for someone to perform an inspection or install spray foam roofing, we can get it done in a breeze. If you’re in Mandan, North Dakota, call us at 701-693-5765 and find out for yourself!