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Everyone wants a secure and robust roof to protect the building underneath. However, figuring out precisely what you need and finding a service to install it can be tricky. More often than not, spray foam can do the job, and Frueh Construction is here to help. If you’re in Mandan, North Dakota, give us a call at 701-693-5765, and we’ll take care of it all.

What is spray foam?

Spray foam can be considered an additional layer that is added on top of your roof. It is made of a bunch of components initially in liquid form. After it is applied, it begins to expand and takes the shape of your roof. The composition allows it to act as a lightweight yet sturdy layer that protects your roof without adding too much weight that could burden your existing roof.

There are many reasons that spray foams are widely adopted by people worldwide. It is entirely waterproof, so it will act as a barrier to everything that could cause water damage to your roof. Moreover, it is resistant to harsh weather, so you won’t have to deal with damages after a day or week of rough weather.

How is it applied?

The application process is pretty simple because of the design of the spray foam. The first step for any installation is ensuring you have a clean surface to work with. So, you must clean the existing roof well. A sealant may be applied at this step if the old one is damaged. After it is dry, an even layer is sprayed onto the surface and left to sit. During this period, the liquid will expand to a foam-like texture and fill up every crevice of your roof.

Although the procedure seems simple, it is essential to note that it is best left to the experts. They have had years of training and experience in each department, so they’ll know all the small details that allow correct installation and prevent damage. With a trained specialist, you will always have an even layer that will last a long time.

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If spray foam sounds like something your roof could benefit from, let Frueh Construction take care of everything from installation to repair. If you’re in Mandan, North Dakota, call us today at 701-693-5765. Once we’re all done, we’ll be the only ones you call.