Spray Foam Insulation

For many of us when you think of insulation you imagine fiberglass insulation. As that has been around for decades, spray foam insulation has gained popularity over the years for several reasons. A couple of these reasons are ease of installation and clean up as well as better insulation for the building. If your building is in Rugby, ND needs its insulation replaced or needs spray foam insulation added then look to our experts at Frueh Construction. We have forty years of experience in the construction industry. Call us to set up your appointment (701) 693-5765.

Installation & Cleanup

Spray foam does not require measuring the materials or the need to worry about fiberglass floating in the air. We use a machine that mixes the foam. This machine has a hose attached that allows us to spray the foam where we want it to go. Once the foam is sprayed it expands, filling in all cracks that it finds. Then we smooth it down, so it sits flush with the surrounding area to ensure that the drywall sits nice and flush across the entire area. Cleanup is simple: we remove the machine, then roll the foam that we removed from the area in the plastic we put down to protect the surrounding areas.

Better Insulation

Due to its expanding nature foam insulation is a better way to get great insulation. It fills any area that traditional insulation cannot cover. This means that your utilities will have a lower cost to you. Insulation is supposed to help insulate that inside from the outside. When it fails you can feel it as well as see the impact it has on your utility costs. Spray foam is less susceptible to insects and rodents unlike fiberglass that they like to use to stay warm in the winters and protect their young. It is also great at reducing the sound from outside of the building, making it a quieter place.

Contact Us

When you are ready for spray foam insulation in Rugby, ND then contact Frueh Construction. We will inspect the area you would like spray foamed then give you an estimate that includes the amount it will cost and our timeframe for completion for you to consider. You can contact us through our phone number (701) 693-5765.