Spray Foam Roofing, Fargo ND

Spray foam roofing is designed using polyurethane foam. It is a hybrid of polyol and isocyanate, which is combined and applied to a surface to create the spray foam roof. Spray foam expands close to sixty times its initial volume upon contact with the surface to form a firm membrane that protects the roof from water or air infiltration while acting as a thermal barrier. It is this expansion that allows the foam to fill in the cracks and open spaces on a roof. Frueh Construction professionals in Fargo, ND recommend spray foam roofing system for commercial buildings that have flat and low slope roofs like hospitals, retail shops, warehouses, schools, and offices. Our experts further highlight the benefits of using spray foam roofing on commercial buildings though you can call 701-693-5765 for more insight.

Reliable Protection from Leaks

Spray foam roofing forms a thick waterproofing barrier that meets the commercial requirements of durability and reliability. It is because the polyurethane foam does not absorb water and the spray foam is applied in one continuous layer of any thickness. According to our experts, ordinary roofing projects require a 1.5-inch thick coat of polyurethane to create a durable waterproofing barrier. Other waterproofing items like single ply, tar & gravel, and other membrane systems are thinner and can only be held together using many seams. In contrast, foam roofing creates a single monolithic waterproofing barrier. Additionally, spray foam roofing has a self-flashing feature that causes it to adhere to all surfaces aggressively forming a watertight seal.

Easy to Install

Frueh Construction contractors recommend spray foam roofing due to the ease of installation on any roofing space on the building. Any gap which is left out may spell trouble for the whole structure later. Foam roofing is also pretty affordable in the industry, and most owners of commercial buildings will make considerable savings when choosing this kind of roofing. In fact, our professionals launch the sprayer into spaces that are difficult to reach reducing the overall installation and maintenance cost. We also use the latest technology to foam coat all kinds of roofs.


If you have more questions about spray foam roofing, contact our roofing contractors at 701-693-5765. You can also ask for an estimate if you are planning to engage Frueh Construction roofing experts. We deliver quality roofing solutions throughout Fargo, ND.