Spray Foam, Fargo ND

Today, spray foam roofing is the most effective roofing for both flat and low-slope roofs for commercial buildings. The vast range of benefits of SPF roofing makes it a popular choice in Fargo, ND. However, while the R-Value of spray foam roofing is the highest, the performance of a roof is not determined by this factor only. The success of a roofing system is evaluated based on other considerations like moisture control, air movement, safety, health, durability, occupant comfort and the energy efficiency. Spray form roofing performs impressively in each category and provides a comprehensive defense against this natural wear and tear. In fact, studies show that SPF roofing is likely to last for more than 50 years with proper maintenance. Frueh Construction experts cite that these immense benefits can only be achieved with proper installation and the use of specific guidelines and techniques. Let our professionals explain how they ensure the spray form installation process achieves the benefits.

Adequate care for the Equipment

Our contractors take care of the SPF equipment to ensure safety and optimal performance during installation. They also conduct regular inspection to identify gadgets that need repair or replacement. Proper maintenance and storage also ensure that the equipment doesn’t become faulty when setting up the roofing system. If the devices get faulty, our experts carry additional installation equipment to reduce downtime.


Appropriate Safety Attire

Overexposure to chemicals and aerosols through eye contact or inhalation can cause respiratory problems. Our roofing contractors use personal protective equipment (PPE) following OSHA rules and regulations to enhance their safety. They also undergo training to ensure the proper use of the safety equipment. Our contractors wear a complete PPE for chemical protection that comprises of a headsock to cover the skin, a bodysuit, eye protection goggles and some nitrile gloves.

The respiratory protection gear for roofing has an air purifying respirator which has organic vapor cartridges. The application process is controlled to prevent the SPF chemicals attaching on unintended surfaces. The wind conditions may demand the use of windscreens, but when working in areas with strong winds, the application is suspended until more favorable conditions prevail.

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