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Post Frame Building1

Known for their strength and adaptability, post frame buildings are among the most common building alternatives available. They can be used for a variety of purposes, going beyond simple construction requirements. We keep these buildings affordable while customizing them to meet your unique needs. If you’re considering adding a structure to your Tappen, ND, property, contact Frueh Construction. We are available to support you as you start your new project. Contact our office right now at (701) 693-5765.


The art of true creation sometimes suffers in today’s environment where convenience often wins out. However, there are some of us who find fulfillment and challenge in starting anything from the beginning. The opportunity to realize your ideas is what drives our organization.

We begin by paying great attention to your preferences and needs. This data serves as the foundation for designing a facility that meets your practical needs while also being aesthetically pleasing. Our goal is to offer you a building that enhances the overall beauty of the property while also performing its intended function.

Post Frame Building

When you work with us, you can be sure that our advice and expertise will support your decisions. Together, we can ensure that every component of your project—from the design to the building—embodies your vision and enhances its practicality and visual appeal.

In the end, the satisfaction you experience and the favorable comments you get from people who view your new building will validate the worth of your decisions. You’ll be pleased with yourself for having chosen choices that, despite their occasional challenges, have significantly improved your building’s design and atmosphere. This result demonstrates our dedication to supporting you during the decision-making process and providing a solution that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Pole Frame Building Process

Almost every task, including building creation, follows a structured process. The initial phase is planning, which involves several key sub-steps. First, we engage in detailed discussions about your vision. It’s crucial to delve deeply into your requirements to form a clear understanding of your aspirations and practical needs.

Following this, we move on to creating the blueprint for your building. This blueprint must undergo approval by the relevant council to obtain the necessary permits. Once approved, we proceed with selecting the appropriate materials and commence construction of the building according to the approved plans. This sequential approach ensures a systematic and well-coordinated progression from initial concept to the actual realization of your building project.

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Consider choosing a post-frame construction if you’re thinking about putting a new structure on your land. Frueh Construction specializes in tailoring these structures to meet your unique needs and financial constraints. We invite Tappen, ND property owners to contact our office at (701) 693-5765 right now.

Our committed customer service staff will make sure you’re put in touch with the appropriate professionals to manage your post frame building project at every stage. We put your needs and vision first, taking the initiative when you ask for it and giving you the freedom to make decisions along the way.