Post Frame Building – Jamestown, ND


Considering getting a post frame building in Jamestown, ND rather than a typical stud wall structure? They are simpler, stronger, quicker, and cheaper, so why not? Post frame buildings can be built for barns, garages, utility sheds, commercial buildings, churches, and even homes. If a post frame building appeals to you and you are interested in learning more today, call Frueh Construction at 701-693-5765.

Post Frame Building: A Simple Solution


The basic structure of a post frame building is that of simple, treated, solid wood posts that support the trusses overhead. When you pair these trusses with some upper and lower columns, they make up a solid expansive structure that doesn’t need interior support walls or even beams. This not only makes for an endless array of interior floor plans but also simplifies the building process. Fewer building components means a quicker, smoother build with less chance of encountering any problems along the way.

No Load-Bearing Walls=More Building Options

The unique design of a post frame building in Jamestown, ND, allows for far greater interior design options. This makes a post frame building appealing to people and business from all walks of life. One huge draw to this style of building is the availability of enormous, wide, open-concept floor plans. Such open floor plans are not easily accomplished with stud wall structures making post frame buildings ideal for storing large equipment or housing livestock, hosting gatherings of hundreds, or storing oversized inventory.

Choose Any Siding or Roofing

The exterior of a post frame building is just as customizable as the interior. Your siding options range from brick, stone, and metal, to just about any siding you choose. Your roofing options are also not limited. Your post frame building structure is stronger and can hold more weight than stud wall constructions because of the building columns and the interlocking frame of the structure. This means that your roof can handle heavy snowfalls and still stand strong.

Frueh Construction sells and builds post frame buildings in Jamestown, ND, and the surrounding area. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction and pride ourselves in excellence of craftsmanship. We communicate with the customer every step of the way and even offer maintenance service for years to come. So if you’re interested in a quick, affordable, and simple option, a post frame building just might be perfect for you. Call Frueh Construction today at 701-693-5765 for a free consultation.