Pole Barn – Lincoln, ND

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Frueh Construction is an industry-leading general construction company that helps clients in Lincoln, ND with any of their building needs. If you are looking to add a pole barn, aka post-frame building, our guys are fully prepared for the job. Get a free quote on your new structure today by calling us at (701) 693-5765.

The Advantages Of Pole Barn Buildings

There are quite a few reasons to choose to install a pole barn building. For starters, these kinds of buildings can be constructed quickly. It’s simple yet efficient design lends to a simple construction process that is extremely affordable. Frueh Construction builds pole barns for all types of clients. Whether you are looking to have a pole barn installed for a car garage, agricultural purposes, etc., we will design and construct the perfect space for your needs.

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Pole barns are incredibly flexible since they do not require interior walls for support. This gives you a wide-open space to work with. With a wide-open interior, the options are limitless. Plus, the exterior of a pole barn can be made with steel, wood, brick, and more. We’ll come by and run through the many options with you to help you get the building that you have in mind.

This design is extremely strong. The columns of pole barns are placed deep into the ground which gives it a very stable base. The horizontal girts that connect these columns as well as the attachment of trusses allows pole barns to hold up against incredibly strong winds and adverse weather.

Lower Energy Costs

Pole barns have plenty of room for insulation. In fact, these kinds of structures are one of the easiest to insulate because of the large amount of space in the exterior walls. Here at Frueh Construction, we are often hired to insulate buildings using high-performance spray foam insulation.

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A pole barn is an energy-efficient, versatile, and cost-effective structure. Frueh Construction is a company that can be relied on for top-notch construction services. To get a pole barn installed in Lincoln, ND, reach out to us today at (701) 693-5765.