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If you are looking to build a pole barn on your property, partner with the team at Frueh Construction in New Salem, ND. Our pole barns are an affordable and durable option for property owners. Call us today at 701-693-5765 for further details!

Pole Barns

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Pole barns are post-frame buildings used for various purposes, such as agriculture, storage, workshops, and even residential dwellings. They are constructed using large poles or buried posts for a sturdy foundation. The walls of pole barns are typically made of steel panels, but they can also be made of wood or other materials, while the roof is often made of metal. Pole barns are known for their cost-effectiveness, durability, and versatility. They have become a popular choice for many property owners.



Pole barns often cost less than conventional structures, making them a fantastic choice for property owners on a tight budget. They can be manufactured quickly and affordably, because they are made of basic materials.


Pole barns have many different uses, from housing cattle and equipment to functioning as a workshop. They are adaptable and can be created to suit your particular needs.


Pole barns are made to last. This type of construction is an excellent choice for places with extreme weather.

Energy Efficiency

You can save money on heating and cooling expenses by building an energy-efficient pole barn. We can install insulation that will help maintain a comfortable interior temperature all year round.

Our Team

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Our team specializes in building top-notch pole barns tailored to your unique needs. We have been helping our customers across the state for many years!

We only use the best materials when building your pole barn, which assures your structure will last. Additionally, we provide a range of choices for siding, roofing, and windows.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their pole barn is created to meet their needs and that they are delighted with the end result. We constantly work to exceed our clients’ expectations! Come see for yourself why so many across the region choose us.

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