Hydraulic Door – Tappen, ND

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Hydraulic doors have become a lifeline to most of us. This system allows us to enter or exit a garage with ease. However, not all buildings have one of these. If you own a building in Tappen, ND and you would like the ease of a hydraulic door added to it, call our experts at Frueh Construction. You can contact our customer care team by dialing (701) 693-5765, they will get you scheduled with the right team today.

The Makings of Greatness

The making of this door system is a combination of a hydraulic system and ball bearings. These bearings are used to roll the door open and shut with ease. The hydraulics is the force behind it as without it, it is just a really heavy door. They do require regular maintenance to ensure they move freely and that there are not any malfunctioning parts that need to be replaced or regreased.

The Application

Hydraulic Door

In reality there are protocols we have to follow before we can add a hydraulic door to your building. If there is a door system in place, we have to inspect it to see what it will take to convert it for the hydraulics. If there is not, then we need to see if we can get a permit to create the opening for said door. We need to check the load bearing frame to ensure that it can manage the weight of the system. If not, we will need to add extra support to ensure the door does not come crashing down. Once we get that done it is a cause of installing the hydraulics, the rails for the door, the bearings to roll the door on, and the door itself. Each step does need to be done with precision or it will not function properly. At best that means it does not open or shut. At worse it comes crashing down when you’re pulling through the threshold.

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We would like to get you the hydraulic door you want for the building you have. If you own a building in the Tappen, ND, area, then you can count on Frueh Construction. You will get a larger area to pull in and out of with one of our doors providing the way and the protection you want. Contact our office today by dialing (701) 693-5765.