Hydraulic Door – Harvey, ND

The majority of us have never had the privilege of visiting a private airbase and experiencing the majestic door that opens the hangars. But imagine if you could install such hydraulic doors on your property right here in Harvey, North Dakota. Fortunately for you, this no longer has to be a part of your imagination alone. Because Frueh Construction is making this a reality for all you inspired people. Further below, we have shared some more information, but if you have questions, give us a call at 701-693-5765. We will get back to you as soon as possible amidst the heavy influx of calls and set up an arrangement.




What is a Hydraulic Door?

Hydraulic doors are giant shutters that cannot be opened manually; instead, they require a pressurized system like a large motor. These systems use a compressed liquid like water stored in an external tank. This is connected to the hydraulic door through cylinders. Whenever the door is opened or closed, pressure is applied to the relevant part, and liquid is distributed accordingly.


Why should I get one?

 We know that you may not want to get into the technical nitty-gritty of how a hydraulic door works. This is why we want to share some reasons why we think it would be beneficial for you to get one. For beginners, the hydraulic doors provide an aesthetic uplift to your property. When elevated, the doors span splendidly like wings and make the area look like a better manifold. They are environmentally friendly because there is no noise pollution when these doors operate, unlike their alternatives. These are also weather-resistant and provide reasonable protection against harsh external conditions. This advantage is paired with their fire-resistant nature, making them safe to be placed in areas with an explosion risk.

Moreover, hydraulic doors are solid and durable, making them even more favorable. It is challenging to break through these and enter the locality. They are not very high maintenance, even though they could require a check-up periodically. But given that these are scheduled on time, the door would not trouble you. Hydraulic doors also operate relatively quickly, and the best part is that they are automated. So, you do not have to worry each time about pushing or pulling the door. Instead, it is all done at the press of a button.

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