Floor Heat Concrete – Bismarck, North Dakota

We all know how cold North Dakota can get throughout the year, not just in the winter. In such chilling times, wouldn’t it be better to have a warm floor under your feet? This would improve your morning routine as waking up and going to work would be much easier. Well, Frueh Construction brings you floor heating concrete services that will brighten up your gloomy mornings. Call us at 701-693-5765 to avail of this service in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Mechanics of a Heated Floor Concrete System

There are basically two methods to achieve a heated floor with concrete. We will explore both of them as they are straightforward and provided by our teams in North Dakota.

Installing PEX tubes underneath the concrete allows hot water to pass in between them. The hot water allows for heat to be created via a machine with a thermostat for temperature control. The concrete then acts as a radiator for the heat. It is an excellent thermal radiator as it is evenly heated. All of your floors will be heated efficiently, and you can even control the temperature via the thermostat.

The other method is using electricity to heat a material that runs through wires underneath the contract. This machine also has the ability to control the temperature and works in the same way as the first method.

So, both methods work in similar ways, with only the material to be heated being different.

Clear Benefits!

This system has multiple benefits over traditional heaters. You can go through them below.

Better than heaters: Because there are no ducts that push air through this system, there is no dust, pollen, or other allergens to worry about. It uses the floor as a heating mechanism and is safer and more efficient than traditional heating mechanisms.

Reduced costs: Because this mechanism uses less energy than traditional heating mechanisms, it will cost you far less in the long run.

Easy and quiet operation: This system does not require any effort and works seamlessly. It does not make any sounds, and the temperature can easily be operated via a thermostat setting. All you need to do is fit it and forget about it!

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