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Floor Heat Concrete1

There are two main types of heating options for concrete floors: electric and hydronic. Hydronic heating is used in larger spaces, while electric heating is typically used in smaller spaces. Both options are installed by placing the heating element in between the layers of concrete. When the concrete cures, you can add a thin layer of additional flooring or polish the concrete. If you are ready to add floor heat concrete to your building in Beulah, ND, call the experts at Frueh Construction today at (701) 693-5765.

The Inner Workings

The two most common types of floor heating are electrical and hydronic. Electrical heating works with heated cables, mesh, preformed mats, or elements that are embedded in plastic films. Hydronic heating works by circulating hot water through tubes under the floor.

Floor Heat Concrete

If you choose electrical floor heating, keep in mind that it is best for smaller spaces, as it can strain your electrical system. When we install this option for you, we will ensure your breaker box is able to handle the demand. If it cannot handle it adequately, you could potentially destroy your entire electrical system, requiring expensive repairs.

The hydronic option is great for large spaces, as it does not require as much electricity. Instead, it relies on a boiler or a water heater, both of which require regular maintenance to keep them in proper working order. Your water heater will keep hot water flowing in the tubes under your concrete floor, allowing you to heat your home.

Traditional heating is done through heating ducts, which are usually near the roof. This is an inadequate way to heat your building. Since heat rises, your system will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature at ground level. This not only wastes your money, but it can also make upper levels uncomfortably hot.

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