Everything to Know About Hydraulic Doors

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Doors have been in use for centuries, but over the years there have been many advances. Hydraulic doors have become more popular recently. They combine ease of use as well as the convenience of an automatic open. Long gone are the days where you had to open those heavy doors yourself. Do you live in Rugby, ND? Are you ready for a hydraulic door? Call the number one construction crew at Frueh Construction. You can contact us at (701) 693-5765.

What is a Hydraulic Door?

A hydraulic door uses a hydraulic system to open your door. This system has ball bearings that are inset into a metal frame, which allows the door to move up and down without being bound by the hydraulics. There are two hydraulics, one on each side of the door. This type of door is great for barns, large garages, and buildings that house your farming equipment. They are programmed to be remote-controlled to make getting in and out easy. These doors will last for years, provided they are installed correctly and are well-maintained.

When Should You Install a Hydraulic Door?

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You can install a hydraulic door whenever you would like. A hydraulic door can be added to an existing building or as part of a new building. There is no set time to install one. However, you should have a professional install hydraulic doors. They must be installed correctly, or you could face issues with the door or its integrity. We will work with you to determine the most convenient time to install it. If it is an existing building, then we will inspect it first to ensure the door has the appropriate support. We don’t want to install a hydraulic door without being sure it is well-supported. If there is not enough support, we will add the necessary support system to ensure it is as safe as possible for you.

The addition of a hydraulic door to your building offers increased functionality, reduces stress on your body and makes your life easier all around. When you combine that, with unbelievable craftsmanship, an attention to detail and unquestioning customer service, you get a project to be proud of for years.

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