Commercial Roofing – Mandan, North Dakota

Just like the rest of your building, your roof requires care to perform as it is meant to. This is why multiple roofing options are available for your commercial property. However, contacting a reliable company that offers commercial roofing services is crucial. If your building is in Mandan, North Dakota, your search ends here. Frueh Construction can help you with everything. Call us at 701-693-5765.

What is Commercial Roofing?

Commercial roofing, as the name suggests, is any work that is done on a roof designed for commercial purposes. It is categorized differently as commercial roofs have very different requirements compared to residential ones. Here are some of the facilities they provide:

Roof Installation:

There are multiple kinds of roofs you can get installed. The company will shortlist the ones best suited to your needs and install them in no time.


Like every other building, a roof needs maintenance. Most roofing companies will advise the duration after which it is recommended, but you can always call them early if you feel as if something’s wrong.

Roof Replacement:

At times, you might want to change the type of roof you have, or the existing one is incredibly damaged. In this case, it is best to get a roof replacement which the company can perform with no damage to the rest of the building.

Benefits of Commercial Roofing Contractors:

Commercial roofing can be tricky, so it is best left to the experts. They have spent years training and even more practice to perfect these skills. As a result, they will always perform the task to perfection with no errors. Moreover, they will have the right equipment to make the process faster and more accurate.

Most companies offer regular inspections as well. This is incredibly beneficial as a team will visit your roof and identify any flaws or causes of concern. More often than not, only experts can point out a minor issue that can turn into a significant problem in the long run. This could save you from major repairs or even roof replacement if the issue persists for too long.

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Frueh Construction is the place to look if you’re on the hunt for a company that provides the best commercial roofing services. We have completed multiple projects with highly satisfied customers for a long time. If you’re in Mandan, North Dakota, don’t think twice and call us now at 701-693-5765.