About Post Frame Building

Post frame building is one of the more common building types available in the market. They are durable and multifunctional. Their uses far exceed the basic building. We can make them to your specifications and keep them at a budget friendly level. If you are looking at adding a building to your property in Steele, ND, call Frueh Construction. We would be happy to come along side you as a support system for this new adventure. Call our office today on (701) 693-5765.

Satisfying Build

In a world where convenience is sought after, the art of creation has taken a back seat. There are still some of us that enjoy the challenge that creating a new building offers. We take the information you give us and create a building that is both functional and pleasing to the eye. This gives you the building you need and confidence from the reaction you will get from anyone that sees your new building. You will know that your choices, though at the time may have been hard to make, will make a difference in your building’s appearance as well as how it feels. These are all thanks to allowing you to make decisions based on recommendations from us.


There is a process for nearly anything that is done, this includes creating a building. The first step is the planning, in this step there are a few sub steps to consider. The first is talking about what you are visualizing, in this step going into detail is key so that we can get a clear image of what you are wanting and needing. The next step is for us to create the blueprint for the building. This has to be approved by the council so we can get the appropriate permits. This leads us to materials and then getting the building actually built.

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If you are considering adding a new build to your property, then consider a post frame building. We at Frueh Construction can create one for you based on your needs and will fit as many features as we can within your budget. If your property is in Steele, ND, contact our office today on (701) 693-5765. Our customer care team will set you up with the right team to manage this project by your side. We will always let you lead, only take the lead when you need us to do so.