About Floor Heat Concrete

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Thinking about adding heated floors to your garage or bathroom? We at Frueh Construction can handle adding floor heat concrete for your home or business in Fessenden, ND. We will handle each step with care and precision. Call us today on (701) 693-5765.

Creating Heated Floors

There are two types of heated flooring. They both require concrete. One utilizes hot water constantly running through piping to heat the floors. The other uses electricity to heat metal pipes in the concrete. Both are effective methods of heating the surrounding concrete. With concrete you pour part of the flooring then lay the heating elements in a grid pattern with rebar as a sturdy safeguard system before pouring an additional 6 inches of concrete over the top of it. Effectively sealing the materials in the concrete so it will not move. Once the concrete is cured, we can either polish it for you or can add a thin flooring system over it. By polishing the concrete, we can dye it to have a distinctive look or stamp it to create texture to the concrete.

The Results

Floor Heat Concrete

The results of each of these heating types are the same. They heat the floor while being directly tied to your building’s utilities. This allows you to enjoy your new flooring and not have an additional bill to worry about. If you have ever stepped on a cold floor in the middle of the night you know that it is cost effective to have a heated floor installed. An additional benefit is that in the colder months it will aid in keeping the area warm as the heat rises. Thus, giving the room it is in a warmer feel to it without you needing to raise the thermostat. Or make any other adjustments to your building, this saves you money and keeps your feet warm.

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Floor heat concrete can be considered a luxury item. However, it comes with plenty of benefits that make it worth it. Plus, you are worth the cost. Think about the fact your feet will no longer be cold and it will help heat that area in the cold winters we have. If you are looking to make this addition in Fessenden, ND then Frueh Construction is the right company to call. Contact our office today by dialing (701) 693-5765. In addition to your comfort if you have an older pet this will become their new favorite place to lay down to rest.