Floor Heat Concrete – Grafton, ND

Concrete has many uses and at Frueh Construction, we are ready to maximize your benefits from your concrete floor. We offer floor heat for your concrete floor which is beneficial for many reasons. It keeps your workshop, garage, commercial, or industrial building much warmer during those frigid winters we tend to experience in the Grafton, ND area. To learn more about your concrete floor heat options, reach out to us at (701) 693 – 5765.

Heat, Drains, and More!

At Frueh Construction, we have experts ready to get your concrete floor customized to fit your needs perfectly. Not only can we get your concrete floor heated, we can also add drains and make sure things flow properly to ensure your floor stays dry. Keeping your workspace warm and dry can be crucial to having an effective work area. Our expert contractors are highly trained and know the best solutions for any issues you are dealing with on your current commercial floor. We are happy to discuss the many benefits of a concrete floor with you and get your project started today.

When you hire the team at Frueh Construction, you can feel good knowing that you are working with experts. We take pride in providing every customer with the highest quality customer service and guarantee that every project gets done flawlessly. If you have any questions or concerns during any project we are doing, it will be addressed right away so that you are always happy with our work. Let the team at Frueh help with whatever construction needs you have.

Call Us Today!

We offer our customers in the Grafton, ND area excellent concrete floor heat options because we know how truly great a heated concrete floor can be! No matter where your concrete floor is, chances are it would be beneficial to have it heated. When you hire Frueh Construction to heat your concrete floor, you can rest easy knowing that you have experts working for you and that your new floor will last for years to come! Give us a call at (701) 693 – 5765 to learn more about your heated concrete floor options.