The Value of Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is similar in some ways to residential roofing, but it also takes on a distinct difference as well. All buildings need repairs, replacements, and maintenance. The difference comes in how these are handled, and the expertise involved.

At Frueh Construction we provide services for residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings. It is our years of experience, coupled with highly skilled craftsmen and attention to detail that allows us to do so effectively. Do you have a commercial building in the Rugby, ND area? Then you need a company that knows how to maintain that commercial roof for you. Call us today 701-693-5765.

Repairs and Replacements

Commercial roofs tend to be a common place for issues such as leaks and damages from unpredictable sources. Commercial repairs are utilized to allow the building to still be in use while the roof is getting the help it needs.

Restorations come in when damage exceeds simple repairs, or the owner wants to extend the life of the roof in a cost-effective manner.

A replacement occurs when a repair or restoration of the roof is simply not possible. We will look for the best solution that keeps your building open and safe for everyone that enters it.


The maintenance of a commercial building needs to be kept on a strict schedule. This is to keep any issues like leaks from becoming bigger, more costly issues down the road.

This maintenance includes inspections, some repairs and cleaning of the roof. Keeping a commercial roof in working order is important to the building. Without the roof, the building will not keep people inside of the building safe and protected.

Our maintenance program is adjustable to fit the needs of your individual commercial building. A proper maintenance program that is followed will lower your insurance costs as well, and help keeping roofing warranties in effect.

Contact Us

No matter the issue you are having with your commercial roof, you can contact us to manage it for you. Commercial roofing is one of the many ways we help those in the Rugby, ND area.

Our expert team at Frueh Construction has the experience that you want on your commercial roof. Contact us today 701-693-5765. We will assist you with any commercial roofing system that you have. Our knowledge on the various roofing techniques is extensive and we would enjoy helping you.