Steel Building

Are you looking for a building that will remain sturdy for decades and will gain a termite issue? Then we at Frueh Construction would like to introduce you to a steel building. Steel has a higher structural rate as it is harder to bend steel once it has been tempered. If you own property in Tappen, ND, this could be the building you need. Contact us today by dialing (701) 693-5765.

The Beauty of Steel

Steel starts as particles that are drawn out through fire. Fire allows the smith to remove impurities that can cause it to be weak. As it is still red hot the smith forms it into the shape and size, they need it to be. Once, this is done they then temper the metal by using a medium typically either oil or water, to cool the steel. This means the steel should no longer be easy to manipulate. After that the steel is then put through the process that makes it weatherproof, each smith has their own way of doing this. The next step is to send the pieces that are in the order to be packaged and shipped to the receiver, in this case to us.

A Steel Building

Steel buildings have many uses both in the commercial and residential worlds. Commercial uses include, but are not limited to, storing products, as the main building, as a workshop, or as a place to store equipment for when they are not in use. Residentially speaking the only thing, it cannot be used for is to house plants, as the only structure they should be housed in is a greenhouse. Honestly, with the right team of experts and drive, a steel building can be used for anything you would use traditional buildings for, the sky is the limit.

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Have you considered the possibilities a steel building could bring to your property? A solidly built steel building will raise your property value as well as give you ample space to do whatever it is you need it for. If you have property in Tappen, ND, our team at Frueh Construction would be the team to work with to make this a reality for you. Do not wait to contact our office today on (701) 693-5765 to get an appointment set with one of our experts. We have the expertise that can make your ideas come to reality.