Steel Building – Minot, North Dakota

“Time is Money” is perhaps the most famous saying, and the team at Frueh Construction knows this to be true. All our clients are busy people running illustrious businesses that cannot afford to lose working days. Otherwise, it could result in huge losses for them. Therefore, prefabricated steel buildings are the future of the construction industry. To get a commercial, agricultural, or any other type of structure built on your property in Minot, North Dakota, you need to call our professionals at 701-693-5765.

What do Prefabricated Steel Buildings mean?

When someone says “prefabricated,” a lot of question marks go up. However, you do not need to worry as it is a simple term used in the construction industry all the time.

Prefabrication means that part of a structure gets assembled in a factory or manufacturing site. So, our prefabricated steel building service allows our designers to transport part of the structure to the building site, and then we put those pieces together in no time.

Prefabricated steel building structures save a lot of time as our builders do not have to build everything from scratch. They can follow the plans more accurately and hand over the new building to you in no time!

Why Pick Frueh Construction?

Frueh Construction is known for providing top-notch construction services all over North Dakota. Picking us is not only the obvious choice but also the wise one, as our services are renowned all over the state.

You get many additional benefits by picking us to construct your steel buildings. We have summarised those benefits for you here:

Custom designs: We incorporate any designs that you provide into our plans as these buildings are customizable.

Timely finish: None of our past projects have gone overtime, and we plan to keep this stat intact. Prefabricated steel structures do not take a lot of time to build, so our builders and designers follow everything accurately and get it done well ahead of time.

Expansion: You can also expand your steel buildings in the future as our structures can easily be modified. All you need to do is call our teams again, and they will modify it for you.

Recyclable material: Steel is the most recyclable material on the planet; thus, the materials used in these structures can also be recycled again and again.

Get Structures Built Instantly!

To get your steel buildings in Minot, North Dakota, built quickly, call Frueh Construction at 701-693-5765.