Steel Building – Mandan, ND

Are you looking to add a new structure to your commercial or industrial property? Let Frueh Construction install a long-lasting steel building, appropriate for several different purposes. This type of building has numerous benefits. If you’re in Mandan, ND and you are interested in a new steel building, give us a call today at 701-693-5765 for a free estimate.

The Many Uses of a Steel Building


A steel building is a practical structure for all types of agrarian, industrial, and commercial purposes. When you go with Frueh Construction, we’ll work with you to design and install the perfect steel building for your specific needs. Our workers are skilled craftsmen that have years of experience installing and repairing these types of structures.

Steel is one of the best building materials out there. It’s environmentally-friendly because steel can be reused over and over again. Plus, it’s durable so your building will last far longer which means fewer wasted materials.

Prefabricated Steel Buildings


A lot of people assume that a steel building would be too expensive. However, the truth is that installing these steel buildings are not as laborious as other types of buildings because they can come reassembled. This makes it easy for us to install a new steel building and will save you a load of time. Plus, when you go with steel you don’t need to worry about termites and other potentially costly issues.

Steel is a durable material that holds up against all types of weather. Prefab steel buildings can be easily customized and adjusted later on. Having a building that you can add onto or reshape later on is a huge advantage. We’ll install your new steel building and in the future you can call us to expand it.

Call Us Today!

Whether you’re looking for us to improve your steel building or install a new one, give us a call at 701-693-5765. We offer a wide-range of construction services to people in Mandan, ND. Steel buildings are sturdy, long-lasting, and have a spotless look. The craftsmen at Frueh Construction look forward to helping more people get the perfect structure. Steel buildings have a number of potential uses and we can brainstorm with you to design it.