Spray Foam, West Fargo, ND

Frueh Construction is a full-service roofing company which specializes in all aspects of spray foam insulation, including commercial roofing applications and energy efficient upgrades.  Our spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation system provides strong, lasting solutions to help protect your building against whatever nature can throw at it.

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Spray Foam 101

To start, let’s learn more about spray polyurethane foam in general.

Spray foam is a created by mixing two liquid chemicals together, which react and expand up to 30-60 times while being sprayed. There are two main types of SPF:  open-cell foam and closed-cell foam.

Open Cell  Closed Cell       
 Light density  Medium density
 Slightly soft, like a sponge  Rigid
 Lower R-value (approximately 3.8 per inch)  Higher R-value (5.1-6)
 Slightly less expensive  Slightly more expensive
 Not a vapor barrier. An air barrier at 5.5 inches or more. Recommended for indoor applications only. Creates both a vapor and air barrier at 50 mm of thickness.  May be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

Both categories of spray foam offer excellent improvements in energy efficiency, and both are extremely lightweight and strong.

Versatile, Durable, Economical

Because of the ease of installation and its ability to conform to almost any space and shape, spray foam has a wide variety of residential, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing applications:

  • Construction: SPF is a popular choice for commercial roofing. It can be applied over almost any type of the existing roofing system, without adding significant weight.
  • Insulation: Attics, crawlspaces, basements, walls, garages…
  • Soundproofing: SPF is an excellent soundproofing material to reduce sound traveling between floors and ceilings, bedroom walls, music studios, and bedrooms that are over a garage (basically, anywhere that you want quiet).
  • Refrigeration: SPF has many applications in any industry that requires insulated facilities or storage containers. It can serve to keep food or liquids cool or help in the transportation of chemicals.
  • Transportation: Spray foam is used to provide added protection to shipping containers on boats, planes, trains, trucks, and more.

In short, spray foam is a versatile, durable, appealing option for all your roofing and insulation needs.

Simply The Best In Insulation!

A spray foam roofing or insulation system from Frueh Construction we’ll safeguard your building and protect it from the elements, whether applied internally or externally, or both.

If you’re looking for a way to eliminate air infiltration, lower utility costs, strengthen your building, or restore your roof, then spray foam is the way to go. The experts at Frueh Construction can guide you through your options and provide the professional services you need in West Fargo, ND. Call us today at 701-693-5765 to learn how we can help you.